I’m leaving on an aeroplane…

So I have booked my flights back to the UK for the 2nd March to the 9th March. Saturday to Saturday, though really it will be Sunday to Friday because I get in late Saturday and leave early the following Saturday. But that doesn’t bother me, really. I will survive. There is plenty of time to go shopping. I mean, er, do my driving. Obviously.

Yes, I am going back to try and finish my driving once and for all. I’ve had over 20 lessons so far, I’m really comfortable in a car and my instructor went so far as to say if I went in a car with someone other than him, they wouldn’t know I hadn’t passed my test. Which is really, really ace. Especially after how horrible it was for the first few lessons I had (it was AWFUL, so awful I wanted to give up on driving). But I got better and now I love driving. I just hope I’m the type who thrives under pressure and manages to pass her test first time. I’m planning to do three hours Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and have my test on the Friday.

But I’m not going to put myself under too much pressure. After all, who passes first time? Not many people. So if I were to fail, I’ll just go straight back. That might sound flippant or that I’m ridiculously rich, but I want to drive so badly I’ll just have to buy nothing all month if it means going back to pass my test. I am so sick and tired of waiting for buses and sick of the FULL buses (man, this time of year, the buses are rammed and it drives me nuts ‘cos the driver never refuses people, he just keeps letting them on even when the most is chock-a-block full).

I can’t wait to go back again. I can’t wait to go to Primark, especially if my weight loss continues as I may be able to buy smaller clothes which is always awesome. I’ll still be on a diet in England but I will DEFINITELY have a KFC. I adore KFC, especially the boneless banquet. I can’t wait to see the kids, and my Uncle Colin and Aunty Ivy. Only 25 more days to go! Yippee!!

Also, for those keeping score, I have lost 3 and a half kilos in a week. It’s a bit much, I think, but it’s not as difficult as I suspected it would be. It’s quite easy in fact as long as I plan my meals properly and eat well. I’m quite in love with chicken soup at the moment and ‘cos I only had scrambled eggs on toast this morning I could have a baguette with it! Hurray!


Dieting is hard, but not as hard as I think/suspected/believe.

Day two of my diet. I know, day 2! I have made it to a second day, which is almost unheard of. It’s not as hard as I was expecting. As long as I eat at the right times, then I’m managing. Yes, there are massive hunger pangs at times, and I keep looking at the tub of Family Circle biscuits in the cupboard, and it seems I could kill for a biscuit, but once I’ve eaten I feel so much better. It’s helping massively that I’m using MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I’m eating. It’s so easy to see what I’m eating daily and so easy to know how close I am to my 1200 calorie limit each day. 

For example, today I have managed to have:
Bernard Matthews American Fried Chicken in seeded bread with pease pudding (two sandwiches, at that!)
The pasta leftovers with Homepride Tomato & Herb sauce
Vegetable soup with two slices of brown bread

And I am under my 1200 calorie limit. Woop! Woop!

I’ve also drunk almost 1 litre of water today. I generally don’t drink water, but I have nothing else to drink now, so water it is, and that’s good for me, too. 

Other bits now, and Sky TV is no more in Tenerife. It’s been threatened for years, apparently, that they were looking to move the satellite and now they have. So we’ve got no Sky Sports News SD or HD, Sky Sports F1 HD or SD, and a number (a number!) of other channels. But, really, it’s the Sky Sports News and Sky F1 that bothers me. A lot. I watch Sky Sports News daily. I adore that channel, it’s my go-to channel and Sky F1 is the F1 channel. How can I go on with no F1 channel? BBC only show a number of races, and we could be losing that as well. It makes me sad that they’ve done this. 

So now I have to decide whether to cancel my Sky subscription. Which will mean no more Sky +, no more recording shows I love (Graham Norton, Cake Boss, Only Joking, A League of Their Own, etc, etc). I’m going to see if there’s a way to keep it though because of the whole Sky +. And I also need to look into a new sports package, obviously. Again, it’s sad as I love Sky’s coverage of the football and the F1. I especially adore MNF with Gary Neville. Que sera sera.

I’m on a diet again (#18,584,030)

It may have taken my until nearly February (four days) but I have finally started my New Years resolution to get fit. I did have plans to start it at the beginning of the year, but I, er, haven’t managed it so far. What’s different this time I hear you ask? Who knows. Will I stick to it? I’d like to think so, but I have officially started it. I’ve got myself two new apps on my iPod Touch – MyFitnessPal to track my meals/exercise and a Pedometer to tell me how long I’m walking for when I go walking.

I have ditched the chocolate/crisps/sweets/pop. For good. I’ve bought some Homepride pasta bake sauce, tomato and herb flavour, and have decided that rather than have a cheese sandwich on white with crisps and a coke/Dr Pepper at work every day, I will instead take some pasta in with a Muller Light yoghurt for dinner. I will drink more water, even if it kills me. What else am I going to drink? I’ll die of dehydration if I don’t drink more water ‘cos the coke/Dr Pepper/Tango/Lilt is out.

I’m going to walk for at least an hour every day, though that will be more like 20 minutes on the days of my late shifts (I’ll have to get off the bus early to fit that one in!). I’ve even made a playlist for Walking. I just have to persevere. I just have to not worry if the weight doesn’t fall off (because it never does, and then I get gutted when I haven’t lost anything or have lost .1 of a kilo and then I go and stuff my face because what’s the point?)

I’m excited. I’m not terribly fat, but I do think my legs (thighs in particular) are massive. My work uniform trousers are easily the most uncomfortable trousers I wear, and I want to be able to wear them without it being uncomfortable. I’m hoping losing some weight off them will help with that.

I’m starving, but I’m sure if I just get through the first week without cracking my body will adjust to having less food. Right? Let’s see how it goes. I am optimistic, for the first time ever.

My love for Soap & Glory


When I went to England in September, I went a bit mad with the body beautiful stuff. I bought myself a basket full of goodies from The Body Shop with shower gels, body butters, soaps, and the like. I also bought a Soap & Glory set that contained many miniature bottles of goodies. 

I have since become a Soap & Glory addict. I absolutely, utterly adore their Righteous Butter. It is the loveliest body butter ever, and I love the smell. I’m a really fussy person when it comes to smelly things. I can only stand certain perfumes (currently Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and the fabulous Loverdose by Diesel) and body sprays and the like and I find the Righteous Butter to be the best smelling thing ever. 

Their shower gel is equally as good (and I should know, I am the EXPERT on shower gels. I have tons of shower gel and I still buy more, I just love shower gel and you can’t have too much), so when I go back to England in March (like 5 weeks away!!) I’m going to stock up on Soap and Glory products. I want the MASSIVE 1 litre Righteous Butter – it’s amaze! – I’d love the Switz (a toiletry bag which I’m going to use as a make-up bag), and I’m going to treat myself to one of all of their shower gels. But, mostly, I want that 1 litre Righteous Butter because it is EPIC. 

I have very much become a Soap & Glory convert. I LOVE THEM!

Manchester United 2 – 1 Liverpool

Yesterday saw Manchester United take on Liverpool. Despite the fact we’re a massive 21 points ahead of them, I was nervous. I remember the game when Torres tore us (or, rather, Vidic) apart and won 4-1. Although there’s no Torres, there is now a Suarez, so I was worried. He’s quite good, despite my protestations that he’s a racist and a cheat and nowt else. He can play football, sadly. Plus Liverpool could be rock bottom of the table with 0 wins and they’d still turn up to play us. It’s typical Liverpool, that is.

We started very well. We were on top, we were a lean, mean passing machine and when Robin Van Persie scored after 19 minutes (or was it 29? I actually can’t remember) it seemed like we were going to romp to victory. We were ALL OVER THEM. Liverpool were so poor in that first half. Michael Carrick was running the show in midfield proving that he is indeed made of awesome and is a massively unsung hero (seriously, my next United shirt will have Carrick on the back) and Suarez was alone at the front.

We scored a second just after half time, Evra scored it with his head, although it did seem to actually come off Vidic’s head, but really, he knew nowt about it. Liverpool made changes, bringing on Sturridge, and Liverpool were suddenly all over us and we were the sloppy ones. Sturridge scored after 60 minutes although I still think De Gea should have saved it or parried the previous shot round the post rather than straight at Sturridge. So after that I was a nervous wreck. I spent the next thirty-five minutes oohing and aahing at every wrong United move, every time we didn’t tackle. But, we held on and we are now 24 points clear of Liverpool.

Were Liverpool unlucky? I don’t think so. Liverpool were all over us in the second half, but it’s hard to really tell if that’s true or if it was just SO tense after Liverpool scored their goal. We played very well in the first half and Liverpool were lucky to only be down 2-0 after 50 minutes. I’m just glad it’s over with and we’ve completed the double over them this season. We’ve got West Ham in the FA Cup replay on Wednesday (not necessarily concerned if we lose, to be fair, I want the Premier League back and, optimistically, the Champions League, too) then Spurs on Sunday. 

Life-wise, I have a week off. I plan to catch up on my reading and get my hair done and all sorts of relaxing things like that. It’s bliss.

My New Year’s Resolutions

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I had a really great Christmas. I got two new Manchester United shirts (12/13 home & away shirts, and the home shirt has “Giggs” on the back!), some bits and bobs, Loverdose, the perfume (it’s gorgeous!) and, my most prized possession  my beautiful, blue iPod touch 5. It is the best thing ever. I love it.

I’d like to say my New Year was just as great, but it wasn’t. We had a stock-take at work on Sunday and I wasn’t feeling right at all. I had a bad belly, and when everyone went for a drink afterwards I stuck to coke because I just didn’t fancy alcohol at all. I spent the afternoon in bed, dozing and going to the toilet. I started at 6 a.m. on Monday which was excruciatingly hard to get up for because I just didn’t sleep at all on Sunday night. I felt so bad that I had to go home at 10 a.m. on Monday, the first time I’ve ever gone home sick. I spent Monday asleep, and the only reason I saw in midnight was because my sister woke me up. I was dead to the world before that, sweating like a pig. New Years Day was just the same, but a bit better. I managed to eat a bit of dinner, though when I say bit, I mean bit. I feel better today. Not 100% but better. I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m at least more alive than I was. I think it was the Noro Virus that’s going around. It’s weird, because I’m rarely ill.

2013 is now upon us. Who’d have thought it? I spent it watching the fireworks in London on the TV, and telling my parents that one day I will go to London to see in the New Year, because that was a stunning firework display. STUNNING. I was mighty impressed. It means everyone is making their resolutions for the year ahead and I am no different. Here are my resolutions:

+ Pass my driving test.
+ Get fitter.
+ Go back to England in July and see my sister, Sam, get married.
+ Make 2013 a great year.
+ Read more physical books than Kindle books in 2013.
+ Keep learning at Iceland, and be the best I can be while at work.

Most are quite self-explanatory, really. I want to be able to drive in Tenerife more than anything. I HATE waiting for the bus day in, day out. Passing my test is the first hurdle, but it’s the mega one. Once that’s done, I at least have my licence. I want to get fitter. It’s something that I vow to do every year, but if my illness has proven anything it’s that I can give up chocolate if I want to and it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. I’m going to start walking my dogs more, down on the motorway they’re building, maybe see if I can get a bike and cycle it when I hate early shifts/days off.

My sister, Sam, is getting married in July. I’ve booked the week off and I’d love to go and see her get married. 2012 wasn’t particularly an exciting year, so I want to make 2013 memorable. I’m going to take more pictures with my new iPod touch, and just go out a bit more, maybe. It seems that I read LOADS of Kindle e-books in 2012, so I want to get my physical books down because I have hundreds of them.

Finally, I want to keep doing as good as I’m doing at Iceland. I love my job there, and I feel so lucky to have it, and I just want to learn every aspect of the job.

So, that’s my 2013. What’s your resolutions?

Manchester City 2 – 3 Manchester United

It was the first Manchester derby of the season today at the Etihad stadium (for the record, I am not a fan of stadium’s named after sponsors, I’m looking at you Arsenal, as well). It was the most tense football match I have ever watched in my entire life. I wasn’t expecting much, to be fair. I hate playing City. I wanted us to win, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t sure we would. But, we did! We won. Just.

We started brilliantly. BRILLIANTLY. For the first time this season, we had an epic start. We didn’t fall behind as has been the case normally, and we were 2-0 up before the first half was over thanks to a Rooney double. The first was a scuffed shot that wrong-footed Joe Hart and the second was an excellent finish after a brilliant Rafael cross. It was actually surprisingly brilliant. I was in dream-land.

But, in the second half, City came back. Well, they came back after Balotelli was taken off and Tevez was put on, proving once and for all, Mario Balotelli is absolutely, utterly useless. Tevez is the type of player who inspires everyone around him. He did it for us when he was with us, and he did it for City, and he inspired Aguero to start playing and City soon got a goal back. Then they got another back and suddenly it was 2-2. The most annoying this is, RIGHT BEFORE City scored their first comeback goal, we should have been 3-0 up, but Young was flagged offside when he was very definitely on side (I think it was Young, but I could be wrong fyi) and City scored just after that.

I admit, when City got back to 2-2, I was terrified. Utterly terrified. We are useless at holding onto wins-that-turned-into-draws and I was terrified we were going to end up losing 3-2. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have faith in United, I just know what happens when we play City and we end up drawing with them with 10 minutes to go. So it was something of a relief for us to get a free kick in the 91st minute and for Robin Van Persie to SCORE IT. It was very badly defended by City, with Samir Nasri hiding in the wall, and it sort of deflected off his leg, but it was a winner and I will take it.

We’re now 6 points clear at the top of the table and history says that whoever is top in December/at Christmas generally wins the Premier League. However, I have no doubt City will come back and we will have our inevitable slump sometime around March/April time. So it most certainly isn’t all over yet. But we’re ahead and that is all that matters to me. Our defence is a bit more solid (note that I said bit), we’re scoring goals, and we’ve beaten our neighbours so today is a very happy Sunday for me.