Formula One Returns

The Formula One returned last week with the Australian Grand Prix, it was excellent, with Fernando coming second! I thought he was going to win – he had an excellent start, excellent pit stops, drove fantastically, but because Kimi Raikkonen managed to make one less pit stop than Fernando, and drove just as well as […]

An Update About Everything

Since my last post a few things have occurred. Sebastian Vettel won the F1 Drivers’ Championship for the third year running. I like Sebastian Vettel, don’t get me wrong. For a German, I find him very witty. He thoroughly deserved his first two championships and I semi-supported him the whole way. But this year, I […]

F1 moves to Sky Sports HD (sort of)

Sorry for a lack of non-book-review posts recently; there isn’t much to talk about at the moment although pre-season is well under way and next weekend (as in the weekend after this weekend that starts tomorrow) sees the Community Shield (woohoo) and then the season proper starts. The main sports news over the past day […]

Germany Grand Prix 2011

It was the German GP yesterday at the Nurburgring. I love the Nurburgring. Fernando Alonso won there in the rain in 2007 and that made the circuit for me. Then in 2009 Mark Webber won his first ever Grand Prix even though he had a drive-through penalty too. This year’s race was just as good. […]

Silverstone Grand Prix

It was the Silverstone Grand Prix today and although it wasn’t as exciting as Canada, it was infinitely better than Valencia which was a snooze-fest. Fernando Alonso won, which was ridiculously brilliant. He put in a barn-storming drive today and although he jumped Vettel during the pit-stops, at the speed he was going I have […]

Monaco GP 2011

It was the Monaco Grand Prix today, and historically the Monaco GP is as processional a race as you’re ever likely to get. It’s a tight street circuit, so overtaking is almost impossible, but with the Pirelli tyres this year plus DRS plus KERS meant that actually, the Monaco GP could actually be decent, and […]