New Adult

When I first heard the term New Adult, I was sceptical. It didn’t seem to make sense. New Adult? What’s a one of them? But, after thinking about it, I suppose it makes sense. These books are books for people who have just become adults, so I suppose you could call them new adults. So, […]

Formula One Returns

The Formula One returned last week with the Australian Grand Prix, it was excellent, with Fernando coming second! I thought he was going to win – he had an excellent start, excellent pit stops, drove fantastically, but because Kimi Raikkonen managed to make one less pit stop than Fernando, and drove just as well as […]

My Trip To England

So I’ve been back in Tenerife a few days now – I’ve even been back to work since I’ve been back, which wasn’t in my plan as I was meant to start work tomorrow night, but ended up doing a 7-4 today. It was alright, actually, and it was nice to do a day shift […]

A Trip To The Post Office

I love getting books to review. I love when the postman rings the doorbell and I have packages to open. I think it’s the whole present thing. It’s like Christmas or my birthday and you never really know what books will be in the post. Sometimes you do, but mostly you don’t and it’s ace […]

The boy wonder returns (soon!)

Manchester United took on Real Madrid on Wednesday. I missed it – despite being off until Thursday, Fiona wanted to change it around and wanted us to start on Wednesday instead, which was fine by me, really. Yes, I missed the Man Utd match, BUT, I saved myself 2 hours of tension-filled watching. I am […]

Night Shifts

When my boss Fiona asked me a couple of weeks ago how I felt about nightshifts, I told her I was totally up for it. It seemed like win-win for me: I can spend days in the house by myself, read more books as long as I manage to sleep correctly, and I can actually […]