Formula One Returns

The Formula One returned last week with the Australian Grand Prix, it was excellent, with Fernando coming second! I thought he was going to win – he had an excellent start, excellent pit stops, drove fantastically, but because Kimi Raikkonen managed to make one less pit stop than Fernando, and drove just as well as Fernando, he won and he thoroughly deserved it. It was so good to see the Ferrari performing well right from the off, for a change.

It was the Malaysian Grand Prix this Sunday just gone, and it was a good race. Not brilliant, as for the first time in a long time, there was no rain during the Grand Prix. Plus, Fernando went out on the second lap after knocking his wing off at the first corner. He managed with it during the first lap – even managing to keep Webber behind him, but it came off on the main straight and went straight under the car leaving him with no steering and he went into the gravel.

The race from then was a three-horse race, with Webber in the lead but Vettel and Hamilton chasing him down. Webber was on for the win after the last round of pit stops, Hamilton faded away, but Vettel started chasing Webber down again, having cut the gap from 5 seconds to less than 1 after the final round of pit stops. He was told to hold station by the team, was told repeatedly by his engineer to cool it, and was even told by Christian Horner that he was being silly (which he was) but he chased Mark Webber down, who had turned his engine down, and over took him. Vettel was driving like a maniac. I love to see drivers race, really, I do. But what Vettel did was dangerous, getting right in between Webber and the pit wall at 200mph, before overtaking him during the first corner as they dueled for the lead. Webber put up a fight, but he’d turned his engine down and eventually gave up the chase.

What Vettel did was wrong. Yes, we should want drivers to fight for the win, and seeing them dice was exciting, but you can’t overtake someone when they think you’re not going to do it, you’ve turned down your engine and you’re cruising to the win. Vettel apologised, but it was a hollow apology. He still won and he cannot undo what he did. It’s fair to say Vettel and Webber don’t have the best of relationship anyway, but this time, he didn’t just anger Mark, he angered his team, and you could cut the tension on the podium with a knife. Vettel should have done what Rosberg done, cooled his jets and let his team-mate stay ahead.

It’ll be very interesting to see what follows. Red Bull, as Webber said, won’t do anything to Vettel. Ex-drivers are saying he should be sat out, but there’s not a chance on Earth Red Bull will do that. Vettel is very much protected by Red Bull, and to be fair, they made this monster. This is someone they’ve created, and he seems to have gotten too big for his boots, thinking he’s even too bigger than the team, which he isn’t. As we know, no driver is bigger than their team. He’s quite obviously as ruthless as Schumacher, and I think he’ll have lost a lot of fans this weekend, I for one will be championing Webber from now on, and I don’t really care what happens to Vettel any more. I used to like him, but not any more.


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