Manchester United have one hand on the Premier League title!

So, we may have lost to Real Madrid in very controversial circumstances a couple of weeks ago. For the record, Nani should never, in a million years, have been sent off. It RUINED the game; we were cruising at 1-0, at home, we were stifling Madrid, and Nani is sent off for trying to control the ball. As soon as it happened, I said we were going to lose – Madrid sniffed blood, and they duly scored two goals in the space of four minutes, and we were out of the Champions League. It was so disappointing, we were doing so very well, but that’s football. That’s how it goes sometimes, and on that night it didn’t go our way.

But, the flipside of that, is that we can now concentrate on the Premier League and the FA Cup. We’ve got a replay against Chelsea at the beginning of April, after they came back from 2-0 down to draw with us 2-2 last Sunday, then whoever wins will face Manchester City (of all the teams, in all the land). The funniest bit is, if we win those two matches we’ll play a team infinitely easier (no disrespect): Wigan or Millwall. So you’d like to think that whoever of Chelsea, us or City get to the final will most probably win it. (Again, no disrespect.) So we will see, that’s perhaps the more difficult trophy for us to win, but it would be nice to win it because it has been way too long since we’ve lifted an FA Cup.

As for the Premier League, we have one hand on the trophy. We’re 15 points clear – which is massive, and really City should not be able to catch us by now and if we were to let them to, well, it would be a disaster. City lost to Everton on Saturday and we beat Reading 1-0 later on. I didn’t see the game (ESPN no longer works on my Sky Box), but it seems we were perhaps a bit sluggish. We won, though, so that’s great, as long as we can keep grinding out the wins we could wrap up the Premier League title mid-April, which would be BEAUTIFUL.

It’s also the point of the season where relegation is serious business. I’m still not entirely sure who’s going to go down, though I suspect QPR are definite goners after losing to Aston Villa on Saturday, Reading and Wigan are also in the drop zone, and I suspect Reading are also goners (and deserve to be, frankly, after sacking Brian McDermott), but Wigan are the danger men. Wigan come alive at this time of year (and they are a good team, they just can’t seem to string together a full seasons worth of play and always seem to end up scrapping at the bottom of the table) and beat Newcastle 2-1, a lucky win filled with controversy, but a win is a win. It could be any of Wigan/Aston Villa/Newcastle/Sunderland/Southampton/West Ham that could go down. All I know is that I’d like Wigan to survive, and possibly Villa who are definitely pulling it out of the bag at the moment, and Paul Lambert was SO excited when Villa beat QPR on Saturday.

There’s 8 games left of the season, and the relegation battle is going to be tight, though hopefully the title is now very much wrapped up and we’ll soon be lifting it, oh how beautiful that will be!


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