My Trip To England

So I’ve been back in Tenerife a few days now – I’ve even been back to work since I’ve been back, which wasn’t in my plan as I was meant to start work tomorrow night, but ended up doing a 7-4 today. It was alright, actually, and it was nice to do a day shift for once (though, I will stress, once is enough!). I much prefer nights, let me tell you and I’m looking forward to seeing my night shift crew tomorrow night!

So… England. How to sum up England. Well, it was cold. But you knew that already didn’t you? Because England is ALWAYS cold. It’d have been more of a surprise if I had been able to say England had been warm, but it wasn’t. I think I spied the sun just the once while I was there. It rained, it was foggy, it was cloudy and it was just really, really cold. It snowed overnight Friday night and I woke Saturday morning just before I left for the airport with a dusting of snow on the car roofs. SNOW!!!!! In MARCH!!!!!! Though, to be fair, when I went to England at the end of March last year it snowed then too, so why I’m surprised I don’t know.

The driving went awesome, would you believe? I loved it. I got straight back into the swing of it and although driving in Durham fractured my nerves – it’s one thing navigating long, winding, fast country roads, it’s another beast entirely dealing with what seems like thousands of other cars, numerous junctions and traffic lights and sirens and all other manner of things that will frazzle you when you drive and when I got home after driving in Durham, I was sure I was going to fail my test if they took me ANYWHERE NEAR Neville’s Cross, which is quite easily the worst set of roads I will ever drive on in my life. I’d booked my test for the Friday morning, and I was nervous, I’ll admit. I wasn’t sure I was going to pass, I was worried about failing because everyone knew I was taking my test and I didn’t want to mess up. In the end, I didn’t mess up. I did REALLY well. I think I would have passed. Had the clutch not failed 30 minutes in. Yes, you read that right. The clutch on the car FAILED 30 minutes into my driving test. For those who’ll say we should have known and clutches don’t just fail, yes they do and yes, it did. I drove it all week, I drove it down to Durham, to the test center, I did manoeuvres before we went there, and the car was FINE. The test was going well, I was feeling pretty confident, then I stopped because there was a car parked on my side of the road and a car was coming up the other side, so I had to stop. As I lifted the clutch to bite it started shuddering, then the gears wouldn’t go in. Then it was OK for a bit, then we hit a 60mph road and the engine was spinning up but the clutch wasn’t happening. My test was abandoned and I will have to go back to England and do it all over again. I was gutted. But, it is what it is, isn’t it? Sometimes these things happen, yada, yada, yada…

I came back to Tenerife with a bulging suitcase (DVDs, books, lava lamp, clothes, the usual…) and I was so glad to be back. I text Fiona to ask about my shifts for this week and she rang me and dropped a bombshell on me. My best friend, Michelle, had just upped and left the day before I got back into Tenerife. Booked a flight to Newcastle and left, without a word to anyone at work. She didn’t turn up to work on Saturday, her house was empty, her car was missing and someone who used to work for Iceland came in and said he’d booked her a flight and she had gone. That hurt more than my abandoned driving test. She was my best friend and she just left everyone in the lurch. Her phone is off, no one has heard from her, so who knows where she is now. My “Best Friend” Boofle bear is staring at me from his perch on the candle and I have no one to give it to.

So as you can see this past week has been beyond eventful, but I have some very pretty pictures of Tenerife from the air to show you as soon as I can be bothered to put them on my computer! It’s been a pretty tough week all things considered, and the worst part is I have yet again come back from England ill. My left ear has not popped since I got back and it’s doing my head in. I appear to be allergic to England, which is quite disappointing. I will clearly have to just have antibiotics before I go, while I’m there and after I’m back to keep diseases at bay. I am a germ magnet in England, it seems. The worst part is, I have to go and do it all again soon! Hehe.


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