A Trip To The Post Office

I love getting books to review. I love when the postman rings the doorbell and I have packages to open. I think it’s the whole present thing. It’s like Christmas or my birthday and you never really know what books will be in the post. Sometimes you do, but mostly you don’t and it’s ace when you receive a book you’re REALLY looking forward to (although there is the downside when it’s a novel you’d never, ever read like all those 50-Shades-type books that I DO NOT and WILL NEVER read or a historical novel or obscure sci-fi etc, then it’s disappointing). One of the worst parts, though, is when I get a yellow slip from the Correos because they couldn’t be bothered to deliver my package, though they manage to deliver them 90% of the time, and I have to go to the post office to pick it up. The post office that is TWO bus rides away, and is only open between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. That’s the Spanish for you, God forbid a post office should be open ALL day. Tomorrow I will finish work at 6 a.m. then have to set me alarm for 11 a.m. and go to the post office, but I think I know what’s coming  – Julie Cohen’s new novel, Dear Thing, so I’m happy to lose some sleep. (Whether I will still feel like that tomorrow at 3 a.m. is another matter entirely).

A book I got REALLY excited about receiving!

A book I got REALLY excited about receiving!

It’s three days until I go to England, and I cannot wait! I’ve got a list of things I need (nothing major or too expensive, because I don’t have a lot of spending money at all) and I should be able to stick to it because I’m only going back for a week and time at the Metro Centre will be sadly limited – much as I’d like to go every day, I’ll have to wait until at least Wednesday as I should have been paid by then! I’m so excited to see my family, and it should be great, if a lot cold. It snowed when I was in England in March last year, so at least I’m well prepared.

Work is going very well, I am really enjoying the nightshifts, though I admit, I am struggling to sleep on my days off at night. I think my body is perhaps used to sleeping during the day, and seems to prefer to sleep during the day, which is weird. My boss, Fiona, is off at the moment with a bad back, which is really horrible. I hope she’ll be back as soon as possible, and fighting fit again, though it might take a few months.

Only three more nightshifts to go and I will be on my holidays, and I am really excited. England is going to be fantastic!


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