The boy wonder returns (soon!)

Manchester United took on Real Madrid on Wednesday. I missed it – despite being off until Thursday, Fiona wanted to change it around and wanted us to start on Wednesday instead, which was fine by me, really. Yes, I missed the Man Utd match, BUT, I saved myself 2 hours of tension-filled watching. I am a nervous wreck whenever we have to face somebody massive, and Wednesday night would only have been worse if we had had to play Barcelona. We play fantastic football, and can beat anybody on our day, but the Spanish play an entirely different game. It’s bamboozling, as proven by the fact that we’ve played Barcelona and lost on numerous occasions. Possibly they were just better than us, but also, it’s that Spanish style of football, too. I’m sure of it.

Plus, it’s Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho. RONALDO. Our Ronaldo. The boy wonder. The man who spent his younger years with us, and is a massive threat. The only reason he’s NOT the most lauded man in football is because of Lionel Messi. Otherwise, it’s Ronaldo who runs a very close second. I know how terrifying he is to play against – I watched him dazzle defences left, right and center when he was with us, and as much as I trust our midfield and defence, I knew it would still be a massive ask to keep him quiet.

The game ended 1-1, we scored first with Danny Welbeck scoring it (up until that point, I wondered where on earth he was as I was sure I’d seen his name on the team-sheet). I don’t need to tell you who scored Madrid’s equaliser, and it was an exact replica of the goal he scored against Chelsea in the Champions League final when we won it. EXACTLY THE SAME. He quite clearly has wings.

So, to Old Trafford we go in three weeks (I know, three weeks, what a joke). I hope we win, I certainly KNOW we can win. We just need to be a lot tighter than we were, we were a bit slack in defence and we’ll need to shadow Ronaldo the way we shadowed Fellaini in the Everton game last weekend. Ronaldo should get a fantastic reception, we still love him. I do, anyway. It’ll be a good game, but I’ll be a nervous wreck (and probably working, which is a lot more disappointing). We have an away goal, so we’ve got a good start. Let’s see, shall we?


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