I’m leaving on an aeroplane…

So I have booked my flights back to the UK for the 2nd March to the 9th March. Saturday to Saturday, though really it will be Sunday to Friday because I get in late Saturday and leave early the following Saturday. But that doesn’t bother me, really. I will survive. There is plenty of time to go shopping. I mean, er, do my driving. Obviously.

Yes, I am going back to try and finish my driving once and for all. I’ve had over 20 lessons so far, I’m really comfortable in a car and my instructor went so far as to say if I went in a car with someone other than him, they wouldn’t know I hadn’t passed my test. Which is really, really ace. Especially after how horrible it was for the first few lessons I had (it was AWFUL, so awful I wanted to give up on driving). But I got better and now I love driving. I just hope I’m the type who thrives under pressure and manages to pass her test first time. I’m planning to do three hours Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and have my test on the Friday.

But I’m not going to put myself under too much pressure. After all, who passes first time? Not many people. So if I were to fail, I’ll just go straight back. That might sound flippant or that I’m ridiculously rich, but I want to drive so badly I’ll just have to buy nothing all month if it means going back to pass my test. I am so sick and tired of waiting for buses and sick of the FULL buses (man, this time of year, the buses are rammed and it drives me nuts ‘cos the driver never refuses people, he just keeps letting them on even when the most is chock-a-block full).

I can’t wait to go back again. I can’t wait to go to Primark, especially if my weight loss continues as I may be able to buy smaller clothes which is always awesome. I’ll still be on a diet in England but I will DEFINITELY have a KFC. I adore KFC, especially the boneless banquet. I can’t wait to see the kids, and my Uncle Colin and Aunty Ivy. Only 25 more days to go! Yippee!!

Also, for those keeping score, I have lost 3 and a half kilos in a week. It’s a bit much, I think, but it’s not as difficult as I suspected it would be. It’s quite easy in fact as long as I plan my meals properly and eat well. I’m quite in love with chicken soup at the moment and ‘cos I only had scrambled eggs on toast this morning I could have a baguette with it! Hurray!

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