Dieting is hard, but not as hard as I think/suspected/believe.

Day two of my diet. I know, day 2! I have made it to a second day, which is almost unheard of. It’s not as hard as I was expecting. As long as I eat at the right times, then I’m managing. Yes, there are massive hunger pangs at times, and I keep looking at the tub of Family Circle biscuits in the cupboard, and it seems I could kill for a biscuit, but once I’ve eaten I feel so much better. It’s helping massively that I’m using MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I’m eating. It’s so easy to see what I’m eating daily and so easy to know how close I am to my 1200 calorie limit each day. 

For example, today I have managed to have:
Bernard Matthews American Fried Chicken in seeded bread with pease pudding (two sandwiches, at that!)
The pasta leftovers with Homepride Tomato & Herb sauce
Vegetable soup with two slices of brown bread

And I am under my 1200 calorie limit. Woop! Woop!

I’ve also drunk almost 1 litre of water today. I generally don’t drink water, but I have nothing else to drink now, so water it is, and that’s good for me, too. 

Other bits now, and Sky TV is no more in Tenerife. It’s been threatened for years, apparently, that they were looking to move the satellite and now they have. So we’ve got no Sky Sports News SD or HD, Sky Sports F1 HD or SD, and a number (a number!) of other channels. But, really, it’s the Sky Sports News and Sky F1 that bothers me. A lot. I watch Sky Sports News daily. I adore that channel, it’s my go-to channel and Sky F1 is the F1 channel. How can I go on with no F1 channel? BBC only show a number of races, and we could be losing that as well. It makes me sad that they’ve done this. 

So now I have to decide whether to cancel my Sky subscription. Which will mean no more Sky +, no more recording shows I love (Graham Norton, Cake Boss, Only Joking, A League of Their Own, etc, etc). I’m going to see if there’s a way to keep it though because of the whole Sky +. And I also need to look into a new sports package, obviously. Again, it’s sad as I love Sky’s coverage of the football and the F1. I especially adore MNF with Gary Neville. Que sera sera.


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