I’m on a diet again (#18,584,030)

It may have taken my until nearly February (four days) but I have finally started my New Years resolution to get fit. I did have plans to start it at the beginning of the year, but I, er, haven’t managed it so far. What’s different this time I hear you ask? Who knows. Will I stick to it? I’d like to think so, but I have officially started it. I’ve got myself two new apps on my iPod Touch – MyFitnessPal to track my meals/exercise and a Pedometer to tell me how long I’m walking for when I go walking.

I have ditched the chocolate/crisps/sweets/pop. For good. I’ve bought some Homepride pasta bake sauce, tomato and herb flavour, and have decided that rather than have a cheese sandwich on white with crisps and a coke/Dr Pepper at work every day, I will instead take some pasta in with a Muller Light yoghurt for dinner. I will drink more water, even if it kills me. What else am I going to drink? I’ll die of dehydration if I don’t drink more water ‘cos the coke/Dr Pepper/Tango/Lilt is out.

I’m going to walk for at least an hour every day, though that will be more like 20 minutes on the days of my late shifts (I’ll have to get off the bus early to fit that one in!). I’ve even made a playlist for Walking. I just have to persevere. I just have to not worry if the weight doesn’t fall off (because it never does, and then I get gutted when I haven’t lost anything or have lost .1 of a kilo and then I go and stuff my face because what’s the point?)

I’m excited. I’m not terribly fat, but I do think my legs (thighs in particular) are massive. My work uniform trousers are easily the most uncomfortable trousers I wear, and I want to be able to wear them without it being uncomfortable. I’m hoping losing some weight off them will help with that.

I’m starving, but I’m sure if I just get through the first week without cracking my body will adjust to having less food. Right? Let’s see how it goes. I am optimistic, for the first time ever.


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