My love for Soap & Glory


When I went to England in September, I went a bit mad with the body beautiful stuff. I bought myself a basket full of goodies from The Body Shop with shower gels, body butters, soaps, and the like. I also bought a Soap & Glory set that contained many miniature bottles of goodies. 

I have since become a Soap & Glory addict. I absolutely, utterly adore their Righteous Butter. It is the loveliest body butter ever, and I love the smell. I’m a really fussy person when it comes to smelly things. I can only stand certain perfumes (currently Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and the fabulous Loverdose by Diesel) and body sprays and the like and I find the Righteous Butter to be the best smelling thing ever. 

Their shower gel is equally as good (and I should know, I am the EXPERT on shower gels. I have tons of shower gel and I still buy more, I just love shower gel and you can’t have too much), so when I go back to England in March (like 5 weeks away!!) I’m going to stock up on Soap and Glory products. I want the MASSIVE 1 litre Righteous Butter – it’s amaze! – I’d love the Switz (a toiletry bag which I’m going to use as a make-up bag), and I’m going to treat myself to one of all of their shower gels. But, mostly, I want that 1 litre Righteous Butter because it is EPIC. 

I have very much become a Soap & Glory convert. I LOVE THEM!

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