Manchester United 2 – 1 Liverpool

Yesterday saw Manchester United take on Liverpool. Despite the fact we’re a massive 21 points ahead of them, I was nervous. I remember the game when Torres tore us (or, rather, Vidic) apart and won 4-1. Although there’s no Torres, there is now a Suarez, so I was worried. He’s quite good, despite my protestations that he’s a racist and a cheat and nowt else. He can play football, sadly. Plus Liverpool could be rock bottom of the table with 0 wins and they’d still turn up to play us. It’s typical Liverpool, that is.

We started very well. We were on top, we were a lean, mean passing machine and when Robin Van Persie scored after 19 minutes (or was it 29? I actually can’t remember) it seemed like we were going to romp to victory. We were ALL OVER THEM. Liverpool were so poor in that first half. Michael Carrick was running the show in midfield proving that he is indeed made of awesome and is a massively unsung hero (seriously, my next United shirt will have Carrick on the back) and Suarez was alone at the front.

We scored a second just after half time, Evra scored it with his head, although it did seem to actually come off Vidic’s head, but really, he knew nowt about it. Liverpool made changes, bringing on Sturridge, and Liverpool were suddenly all over us and we were the sloppy ones. Sturridge scored after 60 minutes although I still think De Gea should have saved it or parried the previous shot round the post rather than straight at Sturridge. So after that I was a nervous wreck. I spent the next thirty-five minutes oohing and aahing at every wrong United move, every time we didn’t tackle. But, we held on and we are now 24 points clear of Liverpool.

Were Liverpool unlucky? I don’t think so. Liverpool were all over us in the second half, but it’s hard to really tell if that’s true or if it was just SO tense after Liverpool scored their goal. We played very well in the first half and Liverpool were lucky to only be down 2-0 after 50 minutes. I’m just glad it’s over with and we’ve completed the double over them this season. We’ve got West Ham in the FA Cup replay on Wednesday (not necessarily concerned if we lose, to be fair, I want the Premier League back and, optimistically, the Champions League, too) then Spurs on Sunday. 

Life-wise, I have a week off. I plan to catch up on my reading and get my hair done and all sorts of relaxing things like that. It’s bliss.

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