An Update About Everything

Since my last post a few things have occurred. Sebastian Vettel won the F1 Drivers’ Championship for the third year running. I like Sebastian Vettel, don’t get me wrong. For a German, I find him very witty. He thoroughly deserved his first two championships and I semi-supported him the whole way. But this year, I wanted Fernando to win his third Championship. He has been so consistent, the car so reliable (if not always fast), and it’s just a massive shame Ferrari couldn’t give him a car to rival Vettel’s. I’m happy for Vettel, but it was just so hard to see Fernando lose it by so few points, 3 in the end. I just hope Ferrari give him a winning car next year for the entire season, that would be lovely.

Charlie Brooks (Janine off EastEnders) won I’m A Celebrity. I watched her victory from my friends’ bar on Saturday night and I was happy for her. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it; I thought Ashley or David would win, but Charlie was great on the show. She was honest, she was likeable and she proved she’s absolutely nothing like her character on EE!

It’s the final of The X Factor this coming Saturday. James vs Jahmene vs Christopher. I’m on an early shift so will probably be watching it. I’m not concerned who wins, I wouldn’t buy any of their records to be fair, although I adored James’ rendition of The Power of Love this Saturday just gone.

This Sunday also sees the Manchester derby. It’s terrifying and exciting in equal measures. We always put on a show against City, but our defending has been woeful recently. We came from 3-2 down to win 3-4 at Reading on Saturday. All 7 goals were scored in the first 34 minutes. THIRTY FOUR MINUTES. Insane! We need to defend better against City, although I won’t care too much what the scoreline is as long as we win!

It’s only 22 days until Christmas, which is madness. MADNESS. I have three advent calendars (long story), and I just can’t believe I’ll be opening Christmas presents in three weeks time. Work is, as you would expect for Christmas, hectic. I’m starting a five-day shift tomorrow, with three earlies, a late and an early before being off on Sunday. It’s going to be pretty much go, go, go until Christmas Eve at 5.30p.m. when the shop shuts. My shopping is all done, all I need now is cards and to wrap everything.

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