Chelsea in shock sacking…. Er, not!

Roberto Di Matteo, we barely knew you. You came, you saw, you conquered… And then, you were sacked.

Yup, the axe has fallen on yet another Chelsea boss. Since I started watching football, Chelsea have had about 7 managers. Claudia, Jose, Luis Felipe, Guus, Avram, AVB, Roberto and now Rafa Benitez. RAFA BENITEZ is now in charge of Chelsea believe or not. Possibly until Pep Guardiola arrives or Jose Mourinho re-arrives. Who knows? This isn’t about Rafa. I’m not overly concerned. He won’t last. No one will ever last.

Roberto did what all those other Chelsea, including Jose, couldn’t do and he won the Champions League. But, to be honest, Roberto was never meant to become the proper Chelsea manager. He was meant as a stop-gap between AVB and the next one, but he messed up because he won the Champions League and then he really HAD to get the job because otherwise Chelsea would have looked even worse than they already look. (Though, after the John Terry affair, and the Mark Clattenburg affair, and the fact they’ve sacked him anyway, I’d say that this is the worse Chelsea have ever, ever looked so would it have made a difference? Really?)

I feel bad for the Chelsea fans. Their managers can’t win. If you try and revolutionise like AVB did, you get sacked, but if you keep the old guard and they end up having to miss out for whatever reason and you HAVE to revolutionise, you still get sacked. Football is ALWAYS a game where managers lose. Always. The Chelsea job is lose-lose. It doesn’t matter what you win, who you buy, how good you are, a couple of bad results and you’ll be sacked. Yes, Chelsea fans will say their results have been poor recently, but that happens. When you’ve got a misfiring Torres, a wobbly back line, players injured/unavailable, then a bad batch is inevitable.

As long as Roman Abromovich is in charge, Chelsea will always have a merry-go-round of managers. He is never, and will never be, satisfied. Even when he wins the Champions League, he’s still not happy. Now he has Benitez, who must have a magic wand. I think that, eventually, managers just won’t want to manage Chelsea. Why would you? You don’t even get the opportunity to make a squad yours. You have to do as Roman says or be sacked. You have to win all your games, and win all the trophies, and even then, you’ll probably still be sacked.

I hope Pep Guardiola stays well clear. He’s a very talented manager and if he’s patient, he could probably get the Manchester United job when Sir Alex retires. I think the Chelsea job is poison and as long as Roman is in charge, you’re always going to be about to be sacked. I hope Di Matteo gets himself another job, he’s a talented manager, and, after all, he won the Champions League. He’s a young enough manager to be able to get over this hump and go on to become a great manager.

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