I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

I love watching TV. One of my favourite shows on TV is I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Every time November comes around I get so excited because it means yet more celebs are going to be tortured. But mostly I love Ant and Dec. Who doesn’t love Ant and Dec? I love the gags, no matter how cheesy. This year I’ve been quite lucky. I haven’t had many late shifts this week (just two, when I did my split shifts) so I’ve been able to watch the show every night. There’s a great bunch of celebs in the show this year. David Haye, Charlie Brooks, Linda Robson, Eric Bristow, Brian Conley, Helen Flanagan and some others. So far I think I’d like Brian Conley to win. He’s great.

However the one celebrity every one is talking about is Helen Flanagan. Known for her footballer boyfriend, she is the biggest wuss to EVER enter I’m A Celebrity. I am not even joking. From day one, when she had to go across a bridge that wasn’t really a bridge and she said she was afraid of heights, her fears haven’t stopped coming. Now she’s afraid of bugs, the dark, even running in a hamster reel. She has been up for FIVE Bushtucker trails and has failed them all. The only stars the camp have had have come from Charlie when she and Helen did a trial together. Every year there’s always one celeb who’s a fraidy cat. But Helen has really taken the biscuit.

In the most recent trial, where she had to run on a hamster wheel and get bugs thrown on her, she didn’t even TRY. She didn’t even attempt it, she just wimped out yet again. On her way back to the jungle she kept saying she had “tried her best” and “gave 100%”, but no. She didn’t. She didn’t even START the trial. I can’t quite believe no one has actually stood up to her yet. Yes, Charlie and Limahl have both tried, but I’d be RAGING at her. I’d be ready to eat her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s putting it on, but what is she doing on I’m A Celebrity if she’s SO scared of all these things.

She will, most probably, end up doing the rest of the trials as long as she’s there. Because the public aren’t stupid. If I could vote for her to do the trial, I would. She really irritates me with the way she acts. She’s 22, but she acts as if she’s a young teenager. Every one goes on about how innocent she is, blah, blah, blah but she’s not. I think that part is an act. She just really does my head in. I feel sorry for the rest of the celebrities because she doesn’t even put any effort in, yet she goes back and says that she tried. She most definitely won’t win, but she will do more trials, that I’m sure of.

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