Paige Toon

Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors, ever. She would come second in my list of favourite authors, second to Sophie Kinsella who is un-surpassable. So far, she hasn’t written a bad book. Until I read her sixth novel, One Perfect Summer, and then it’s short story sequel, One Perfect Christmas. It took me a while to read One Perfect Summer because, like I’ve said in my review, once you’ve read the new Paige Toon you generally have to wait a year for the next one. So I wanted to wait. Savour it. Weird, I know, but true.

When I have an author I love so much, I always worry that one day they will write a bad book. It’s happened so many times. It happened to Emily Giffin. I ADORED Something Borrowed and Something Blue and, for me, she hasn’t reached those heights again with her four novels that have followed. It’s  never happened to Kinsella. I didn’t think it would happen to Paige Toon, either. Yes, I worried, but really, I know she’s an ace author and, like Kinsella, can rarely do no wrong. So it came as a bit of a surprise that I wasn’t really a fan of One Perfect Summer. It wasn’t a bad book; I’ve read bad books. It just didn’t click with me for whatever reason.

Mostly, I think it was because One Perfect Summer is pretty much Pictures of Lily, but set in Cambridge and with new characters. Girl meets boy as teen, they fall in love, they lose touch, they reunite years later when girl is in love with someone new. I don’t understand why she wrote a book so similar to one she’s already written. Even the way they’re written are very similar, starting when both girls are teens and guiding us through as they become adults. The thing, though, is the Lily was an awesome character. I adored Lily. Not so much Alice, though. Alice was whiny, she was obsessive, and I just didn’t warm to her the way I should.

Anyway, enough of that, if you WANT to know how I felt about the book, you can read my review once it goes up! Basically, I just wish I knew what went wrong. I’m disappointed. I hate writing bad reviews, even more so for authors I adore and I do, I adore Paige Toon. She’s just great. So I find it horrible that I didn’t like her new book, or its sequel, and that I’m sort of dreading the fact that Alice and Joe’s story most probably isn’t over. Can I do another book of Alice? I dunno. It depends, I suppose. I will probably read it. I am terrible like that. I just hope so, so much that The Longest Holiday sees Paige Toon back to her Paige Toon best.

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