Busy Bee

I am incredibly busy at the moment. Insanely busy. It feels like I’ve barely had time to stop this week and last week. Since having my three days off two weeks ago, I’ve only had two further days off, working 4 shifts in a row that week and then working 5 shifts in a row this week. It feels like I’ve been at Iceland consistently and that I didn’t have Monday off, although I did. All I will say is that it’s a good job I LOVE my job. I do, I love it. Two days are never the same at Iceland. With Christmas coming, it’s going to get even more hectic and busy. I love Christmas, I love decorating the tree and picking out presents for my family (I’ve actually already sorted out all my presents, and have bought all of them, except for my sister’s).

However there is a downside to working so much. I have no time. No time to read, to watch football/TV in general, just no time. It’s insane. All I seem to do is eat, work, and sleep. It’s madness. My hours haven’t changed since a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason I just have no spare time to sit and read. It’s mind boggling and weird. I LOVE reading. Because I have so little reading time, I’m starting a book, reading 10 pages, then swapping it for a different book. I don’t know what I want to read I suppose. I’ve started One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon, and you can’t go wrong with a Paige Toon novel.

The football is going well at the moment. We’re winning. We do keep losing silly early goals, and we go have to keep having comeback wins, but we’re winning. And we’re scoring goals. Javier Hernandez is electric at the minute. He’s unplayable. He scored all three goals yesterday as we came back from 2-0 down to beat Aston Villa. He just keeps scoring and helping us win. We aren’t playing badly, either. Yes, we keep losing silly goals, but we’re not playing terribly. We just lack concentration sometimes I think. We’re through to the knockouts of the Champions League as well, with two matches to spare which is nice. So, yeah, we’re going well.

My favourite show on television is back tonight, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I LOVE it. I love seeing celebrities living in a jungle with bugs and things, I love the Bushtucker trials, but most of all I love Ant & Dec. Who doesn’t love Ant & Dec? Exactly. They’re mint. Best double act ever, and most famous Geordie’s ever. Anything they present I will watch, it’s that simple.

So, yes, that’s my update for this week. I’m working 7 days next week (It’s not as bad as it sounds, as I finish at 1pm everyday. Result.), but will hopefully have a few spare days the week after that (fingers crossed!).

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