Work, Books, Football and The Big Bang Theory!

I’m not a very good blogger. In fact, when I’m working I’m very bad at it because after everything it’s the last thing I feel like doing. Work is just… madness. I’m on a 4-day week at Iceland at the moment although that’s probably going to go back up to 5 days through the Christmas period. However I’ve been doing 5-day weeks recently and it’s a long day out. But I love my job. It’s great, and I love chatting to customers, I love running stock, I even got to do a Promotion bay at work all by myself  – spacing it out, filling it up. It looked brilliant. So, yeah, no complaints. I’ve almost been there a year, and it’s the longest I’ve had a job.

I’m still reading like a nut. Not as many books as last year, but I’m almost at 75 for the year. Not too bad. I’ve still got hundreds of books to read, and I still buy books like someone who will never have enough books, but y’know, you can never have too many books, right? I’ve recently become a fan of biographies and I have Cheryl’s, Tulisa’s, Jessie J’s, Dynamo’s and even Pudsey the dog’s.

I’m almost a fully-fledged driver. I went back to England three weeks ago to continue driving and my instructor says if I got into the car with a normal person they’d never be able to tell I wasn’t a fully-licensed driver. I’m planning to go back in March and take my test and I can’t wait. I actually love driving. It took a while for me to get it – you have to do SO much! – but I’ve got it. I can parallel park, I can reverse round a corner, I can do a three-point turn (aka a turn in the road).

Onto the football and we’ve just beaten Chelsea 3-2 this past Sunday. Woohoo. We were 2-0 up before Chelsea came back to make it 2-2. Then they had two players sent off and then Chicharito scored the winner. Sadly, though, the focus wasn’t on our win, but was on the performance of the ref, Mark Clattenburg. Firstly for sending Torres off for diving (I thought it was correct — but I would, right?) but he also apparently abused some Chelsea players with racist remarks. However, that’s not my place to say, and I just hope it isn’t true. We will see.

Formula One, Vettel is now leading the Championship (oh what a surprise – not!), but Fernando is only 13 points behind. However the Red Bull is dominant. So, who knows? It’s turned from such an exciting Championship into, well, a run of the mill thing. Everyone now expects Vettel to clinch his third title, in a row no less, and it’s just sort of turned boring. I like Vettel, don’t get me wrong, and it’s Ferrari’s fault for not getting the car to be as competitive as the Red Bull, but it was just SO nice to see Fernando leading and driving so well in such a crap car.

Finally, can I just say I LOVE The Big Bang Theory? My Uncle introduced it to me in March and I devoured all four seasons in weeks, then bought the fifth and am currently viewing the sixth. It’s awesome. Sheldon Cooper just wins at life. That is all.

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