#3 by The Script

I am a massive fan of The Script – and no, not since Danny O’Donoghue was on The Voice. I was a fan before that. Every since I heard The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, I’ve been a fan and I have all of their albums on my iPod. Their new album #3 was released this month and it’s most probably their best album to date. Here’s the playlist:

Disc: 1
1. Good Ol’ Days
2. Six Degrees of Separation
3. Hall of Fame (featuring will.i.am)
4. If You Could See Me Now
5. Glowing
6. Give the Love Around
7. Broken Arrow
8. Kaleidoscope
9. No Words
10. Millionaires

Disc: 2
1. Moon Boots
2. Hurricanes
3. Hall of Fame (Original Version)
4. Breakeven (Live at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
5. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Live at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
6. Talk You Down (Live at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
7. For the First Time (Live at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

I’ve listened to the album about five or six times now and it’s brilliant. Every song is brilliant, in fact there’s only one I’m not 100% on and even that one is growing on me! 

The first track I must mention is Hall Of Fame. It’s their current single, it was number one in the charts last week and it features Danny’s The Voice co-judge Will.I.Am. It is an epic song. I’m not even joking. It’s the PERFECT lead single from the album and I just love listening to it. It’s thoroughly deserved that it’s become number one and it’s nice to see the UK public giving them the recognition they deserve.

The album starts, however, with The Good Ol’ 39 Days which is a proper sing-a-long song. I love that song, on first listen I was blown away by it. Next up is a ballad – and probably an upcoming single – Six Degrees of Separation which is about Danny’s split from Irma Mali. I absolutely love the song, it’s probably my favourite track on the album. Hall of Fame is the next song, and I’ve already mentioned that one. If You Could See Me Now is all about the people the band have lost – Mark’s mam and dad, for one. Glowing is the song I’m not sure about. If I’m honest I’d have put that one on the second disc and bumped up Moon Boots. I adore Moon Boots. 

Give The Love Around and Broken Arrow are two growers – in fact Broken Arrow is also a favourite on the album. Kaleidoscope is next and although it isn’t a favourite, I quite like the lyrics of it. No Words and Millionaire rounds off the album. No Words is excellent and Millionaires is very listenable. 

The second disc gives you the brilliant Moon Boots as I’ve mentioned, along with Hurricanes which has some awesome sound effects and lyrics. It also provides the original version of Hall of Fame. Then we’re onto the live stuff. Breakeven, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Talk You Down and For The First Time are all the live tracks featured as extras. They’re great, actually, and I’ll be purchasing the entire DVD concert after hearing how excellent The Script are live. 

#3 is a brilliant album. I love every song, and have the album on constant repeat, listening to it as I travel to and from work on the bus every day. What I like most about #3 though is that Mark’s vocals are utilised. He is an excellent singer/rapper and I am so glad they’ve finally let him sing! He adds something a bit different to Danny, and they sing together very, very well, particularly on Broken Arrow and Give The Love Around. It’s a stunning album and they’ve really pulled it off. It’s so good that I’m hoping to go and see them live next year, when they’re in Newcastle for their arena tour. I’ll have to remember that when I book my holidays at work for 2013.

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