Fast & Furious 6

Last week we got a letter in our mailbox letting us know that the Fast & Furious crew would be heading to Tenerife – and most specifically to the motorway that’s currently being built down by where we live – to film the newest Fast & Furious film, the aptly titled Fast & Furious 6. So for the past 5 or 6 days, the crew have been filming. 

It’s actually really cool. I have never, ever seen a film being filmed before and although it IS slightly tedious – there’s like half an hour between takes and scenes are done again and again and again, it’s also really fun. Sadly there hasn’t been anybody famous spotted yet – and I am eagerly looking out for Vin Diesel, The Rock and Paul Walker but they aren’t here/I haven’t seen them, but it’s still cool to see the trucks and the jeeps speeding down the motorway being filmed.

I have no clue what the plot of the film is but it definitely involves military action of some sort as there’s a long scene involving a big green truck and military jeeps and things. I’ve got loads of videos and pictures which I’ll post asap and in one scene they’re filming the jeeps chasing the truck and the gunfire is so sudden and unexpected that the camera literally shakes in my hands. It’s hilarious. 

The downside is that out street is swamped with people all the time. They’re making a mess (the Spanish are actually very ignorant of the mess they make and it’s quite disgusting, actually – one family in particular were eating seeds of some sort and just dropped all the casings on the floor), they’re clogging the street with their cars, and it is really annoying, but whatever. It is what it is, right? I’ve only got a few days left to watch all the action as I’m going to England on Tuesday but I have loads of cool photos and videos to show for it (and more to come, hopefully) and I can’t wait to see the finished product and say, HEY! There’s Tenerife on the telly on a big movie! (I’m also hoping they’ll decide to give everyone on our street free tickets for the interruption but I doubt it). 

Right, I better go as they’re most likely ready to cue another shot at the scene I just saw. Photos & videos to come!!

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