Temporarily forgot about this place

Woops! So, I forgot I’d started a blog where I could write about football/formula one/anything at all that takes my fancy/books. Oops! In my defence, I got a job just before my last post in January and as such it’s taken up all my time. Literally. I love my job though, so I’m not really complaining. I work at Iceland, the supermarket. I enjoy it. It works for me!

Soooooooooooo, what have you missed in my life? I still have thousands of books, obviously. I still love football, even if we lost out on the Premier League trophy on the FINAL DAY OF THE SEASON TO OUR MOST GREATEST RIVALS. (Can you say bitter/annoyed much?) However, we have Robin Van Persie now so we should score thousands of goals this season. Well, hopefully. Fernando Alonso is leading the Formula One Drivers Championship, although he was wiped out horribly in the last race this past Sunday by Romain Grosjean who was lucky not to kill him. Thankfully, he’s alive and fit and will race this Sunday in Monza. And win, hopefully. Do I think he can keep it up and win the championship? Well, I’d like to think so. Fernando really deserves a third championship and he’s driving the wheels off his car at the moment.

I went back to England in March to learn how to drive. I did OK. It was hard. Driving is hard. It looks sooooo easy, but it really isn’t. I’m going back for another fortnight in three weeks (well two and a half now) to drive some more. Maybe even take a test. I am definitely going to see Manchester United take on Newcastle United at St James’ Park. I have signed up to Newcastle United’s website so I know AS SOON as tickets go on sale. It’ll be my first ever live football match in person and I am so excited I cannot tell you.

So, that’s all from me. You haven’t really missed much really while I’ve been silent, lucky you. 

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