United out of Champions League

Manchester United had one simple task tonight. Draw with Basel. In Basel. Easy peasy, right? We’ve got rock solid defenders, brilliant attacking players… And we’re playing Basel, for crying out loud. BASEL. No offence to Basel, obviously, but we are good enough to beat them. We SHOULD be good enough to beat them, I should say. But we weren’t good enough and we’re out, losing 2-1 to Basel.

We have been utterly shocking in the Champions League this season. Shocking. We drew in Benfica, drew at home to Basel and Benfica, and the only team we beat was Otelul Galati. The draw at home to Basel was a game we should have won, we were winning, we were cruising, and all of a sudden we were 3-2 down and needed Ashley Young to save us. We deserve to go out, and I think if we had gone through whomever we played in the last 16 would have beaten us because we just aren’t good enough at the minute.

In fact, after our brilliant start to the season, we’ve tapered off massively and I can’t remember the last good United performance. I think it was probably the Chelsea game and even then we were lucky to win. We’re out of the Carling Cup (the less said about that the better), we’re 5 points down in the Premier League (to City, bleh), we’re out of the Champions League and we have to face, who else?, City in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Oh, and to add to the complete and utter humiliation, we’re in the Europa League! The Europa League. Where even if you WIN that trophy, you don’t even get into the Champions League, that’s how daft the Europa is. 

Somewhere in the last few months we’ve lost all confidence. We’re winning 1-0 all the time (in the Premier League, at least), we’re struggling in all the other competitions, and it’s all just fallen apart. We’ve got injuries at the minute; Hernandez is out, Berbatov is out, Vidic is out, which means that things aren’t exactly going to get better since we have all three of those until just recently. It’ll be interesting to see where our season goes from here, I think it’s somewhat safe to say the only real chance we have of winning anything, is winning the Premier League, but we’ll have to get better, fast.

I’m not as disappointed as I should be that we’re out of the CL. We deserve it, if I’m honest and I think Sir Alex will admit as much. We just have to learn from this, really. We can’t let this make our heads go down further than they already are. I’m frustrated mostly. This isn’t the United we’re used to seeing, this isn’t the way we play and it sucks seeing us in this funk (and it’s driving me mad; I’m terrible when we’re winning easily and I’m just plain ANNOYING when we’re contesting tight matches because I’m so pessimistic). So yes, today isn’t a good day, but there’s always tomorrow… The good news is, we’re Manchester United if we’re good at ANYTHING it’s bouncing back!

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