Sky Sports’ obsession with Andy Murray

Sky Sports are currently showing the US Open from Flushing Meadows and guess who’s dominating the coverage? It’s not World #1 Novak Djokovic, it’s not World #2 Rafael Nadal and it’s not World #3 Roger Federer. Nope, Sky Sports are covering World #4 (and he’s a Brit, for anyone who doesn’t already know!!!!) Andy Murray.

It’s exhausting. I mentioned it when Wimbledon was on, but this is exceeding even that – it’s just… unreal. I understand that Andy Murray is the UK’s only hopes of ever winning a Grand Slam, and he’s the World #4 but jeez. Sky Sports are obsessed. Everywhere you look – even when there’s a tennis match on! – Sky Sports showcases Andy Murray. Practising, arriving, leaving, eating, I’m surprised they don’t have cameras showing him going to the bathroom.

It’s not only that – it’s that they’re also being ridiculously disrespectful to the other players. They showed Murray’s draw before he played Lopez and they said Murray would easily beat Lopez (which, admittedly, he did) but then they practically said he’d make it to the semi’s at least. As if his opponents aren’t even going to try. Greg Rusedski went so far as to say Murray would be playing Chela in round 4 (and would dispatch of him easily), not even giving any credit to Chela’s opponent in round 3, Donald Young. Young actually beat Chela, in straight sets no less. Juan Martin del Potro lost to Gilles Simon and the comments from Sky were that it was “excellent” for Murray, because clearly Simon just wouldn’t trouble Murray at all.

I get it. Murray’s the only British hope. But they’re not showing the Andy Murray US Open, they’re showing the US Open. Which includes way more players than just Andy Murray. I could even understand if Murray was a multiple Grand Slam winner, but Murray’s Grand Slam count rests at 0. Every single year is “his year” and every single year, another year passes where he loses to Nadal/Federer/Djokovic and ends up Slamless yet again. Sky are currently running ads that say: “Murray continues his quest for greatness in New York” or something similar and they’re going to look a bit ridiculous if Andy doesn’t win. I mean, they’re so sure he’s going to win that I’m surprised they haven’t already convinced the USTA to just give him the trophy.

I have no idea if the other countries act like that. If they’re so obsessed with their countries player; if their countries player is the only player showcased but I find it cringe-worthy. I want to see more about the other players playing. I want them to treat Murray’s opponents with more respect. They’re bias is the reason why I just can’t watch Murray play, because everything he does is excellent/perfect/brilliant/wonderful and even when he loses, he’s brave/he put up a fight and they’re incapable of seeing anything other than Murray. It’s like they’re blinkered. I often wonder if Murray finds it embarrassing. Every single tennis tournament, he’s touted to win by the British media, every. single. tournament. I wonder if he ever gets fed up with the Murray love-ins.

I’m sick of them. The tennis was rained-off yesterday and all anyone could say is how it would affect Murray. Despite the fact Nadal and Roddick and Isner were also delayed, along with their opponents. I mean, if Murray doesn’t win the US Open this year, they’ll say it was because of the rain delays. I bet you, they will. And if he does win, he’ll be lauded for making it through the rain delays, as if New York purposefully made it rain just to disrupt Murray!

Honestly. I can understand he has to take precedent, but honestly, it’s just too much. Sky Sports coverage is becoming cringe-worthy and embarrassing and miles too OTT. Knock if off, Sky, or at least tone it down. PLEASE.


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