I heart Transfer Deadline Day

Transfer Deadline Day is one of the best days ever for football fans. It’s better than some football matches! There is nothing like August 31st each and every year as the hours tick by until the transfer window shuts. Can you remember when Robinho was on his way to Chelsea and he made a sudden u-turn and ended up at City? When at 11pm Berbatov went to United and was seen stalking the halls. There’s just something about deadline day that gets the clubs into a tizzy, despite the fact they’ve had a couple of months before then to get their signings done and dusted.

I love Transfer Deadline Day. I love being glued to the BBC Live Text and Sky Sports News HD as the deals and the speculation and the bids are accepted and ruminated about. Will Modric leave? Will United make a last-gasp bid for Schneider? Will Arsenal GET ANY PLAYERS IN? It’s just so exciting. Every year, without fail, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of deals and always, always, always there’ll be a last-gasp transfer.

If there’s one day a year I want to be glued to the sofa it’s Transfer Deadline Day. Who knows what this year’s Deadline Day will bring as the hours tick by. Only five and a bit hours left. The clock is ticking!

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