Premier League 2011/2012: Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal

Sadly, I didn’t get to watch Manchester United’s demolition of Arsenal. Due to the fact my Sky box threw a rather large hissy fit both Sunday and yesterday, I’ve only seen the goals for the game. However, I followed the game using BBC’s live text (what a Godsend) and the only word that comes to mind is: Dominating. We dominated that game. Even when we were 1-0 up and Arsenal had the chance to pull themselves level with a penalty we were dominating and De Gea subsequently saved the penalty and we went up the other end and scored to make it 2-0. The goals were just ridiculously sublime. Rooney’s two free-kick goals were something else entirely; Ronaldo would have been proud of those two. It was just a stunning display and I can say that without even watching the match.

It’s quite embarrassing for Arsenal. I mean, come on! I know they’ve lost Fabregas and Nasri and they had some injuries and suspensions, but not even I expected we would drub Arsenal by so many. I was somewhat confident going into the game, sure, but I still knew it was Arsenal. Still a team that’s supposed to be top 4 material. Evidently not. It’s sad, actually, how far Arsenal have fallen. They have some decent players – Van Persie, Arshavin – but they don’t have the numbers we have or City has or Chelsea or Liverpool have. The sad thing is, if they don’t get people in before tomorrow then they are going to struggle. They won’t be in a relegation battle – they’re not that bad, but they could merely be mid-table. They don’t seem to dominate in any areas of the pitch, they don’t seem to have any leaders, bar Jack Wilshere who’s injured at the moment. There’s no one on the pitch to take the players by the scruff of their necks and tell them to suck it up and get on with it. Their captain is Robin Van Persie, a forward!

It’s a depressing state of affairs Arsenal find themselves in, but it’s not exactly a hard-knock story. Arsene HAS the funds, he must have close to £50m if not more, but he’s reluctant to spend it on any kind of quality, proven, Premier League talent. It’s hard to see who they’re going to be able to get in with a day to go until the Transfer Window closes without them being held to ransom – everyone can see Arsenal need players in every department, except perhaps in the goalkeeping department, so teams can easily up their fees and demands for any players Arsenal decide to pursue. Who knows where they’ll be come the end of the season, but it’s definitely going to be a hard season for them and it seems most likely they will go yet another year without winning a single trophy.

United were impressive. It doesn’t matter how bad Arsenal were – they still had 11 players on the pitch (for most of the game anyway, since Jenkinson got himself sent off), Arsenal didn’t just sit down on the pitch while United scored and scored and scored, we still had to play and play we did. It sounded as if we were awesome, as if we’ve got some ridiculously fast pace to us now. I’m not entirely sure we could beat Barcelona, but so far we’re looking more and more confident in the Premier League. I can’t wait to go toe-to-toe with City or Chelsea or Liverpool to have a real test of our abilities. It’s already shaping up as if the battle for the title will be between us and City, with perhaps Chelsea in the mix, too. City truly look the real deal this year and it’s kind of scary. And you can never count Chelsea out. Liverpool, too, could run it close, they’re looking more secure than they have in a while. It’s going to be an interesting season and if our young’uns keep it up… Well, who knows how many times we’ll score so many goals?

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