Why I’m not a fan of BookDepository

If you’d asked me a month and a half ago where to buy books from, I’d have said bookdepository.com. I loved bookdepository.com, they offer free shipping(!), books are usually dispatched within 48 hrs and pre-orders can come in early. They’re awesome, or at least they were, until the end of July when a pre-order I’d ordered got messed up.

Back at the beginning of July, I pre-ordered Supernaturally by Kiersten White. I loved Paranormalcy so I was dying to read Supernaturally so I pre-ordered it. The novel came into stock a few days before it’s release date, so I expected it to ship pretty quickly, but after four days it still hadn’t dispatched so I had a look at Supernaturally’s page and it was “Out of stock” so I contacted bookdepository.com who assured me my copy would be dispatching ASAP. However, a couple of days after that my order was cancelled and refunded, ostensibly because it was “Out of stock”. However a quick look at Supernaturally’s page again showed that, actually it WAS in stock. So I contacted bookdepository.com again and was told that something had obviously gone wrong and that, for my troubles, they’d send me a complimentary copy. It’s now a month later and I still don’t have the novel and it evidently wasn’t sent.

It’s really annoying. I’m not after a free book (that’s not the point), and I’m not necessarily concerned that my order was cancelled, but what is annoying is that bookdepo told me they’d contact me and send me a copy of the novel and I don’t have it; it’s the principle of the matter. So if I wanted to buy the book now, I’d have to pay extra as if you pre-ordered it, you got 25% off. What is also annoying is that someone who pre-ordered the book AFTER me had her copy shipped to her and now has it. Call me naive, but I thought that the whole point of pre-ordering is getting it before anyone else, so surely whoever orders it first should get it sent first. No? Yet my order got messed up and I’m without a copy of the novel and now I’m probably going to have to wait for the paperback because hardbacks are expensive as it is, and the reason I pre-ordered it was because it was discounted a bit.

Yup, I’m disappointed. Bookdepo have been so helpful in the past and I expected that after I alerted them to their error of cancelling my order without me asking them to, that they’d sort it out for me and they haven’t. Sure, errors happen, but two errors? Promising to get someone to contact me again and not doing it? It sucks. I’ll still use bookdepo, but I’m disappointed how my order was handled – or, rather, how it wasn’t handled.


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