Premier League 2011/2012: Man Utd 3 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester United played their second Premier League game this evening, beating Tottenham 3-0 at Old Trafford. I must admit, after the West Brom game, after we lost Vidic and Ferdinand and De Gea screwed up, I was terrified Spurs might take us to the cleaners. I mean, they have a decent team and when you have a defence that’s inexperienced and young and haven’t played together, along with a goalkeeper who’s making mistakes left and right (but not yet center), well… It’s a worry. So as soon as I saw our line-up I said to myself “I’m worried/terrified/nervous” but then again, I’m always worried/terrified/nervous when I watch United play. I don’t know why, because at the end of the day we’re currently the best team in England, but I still get nervous during each game!

We were good tonight, though. The first half was a bit slow, with only a couple of chances with Brad Friedel pulling off some stunning saves for Spurs. De Gea was tested from long-range, as expected but he did well and his distribution looked good. The second half was much better as we kicked it up a gear. Spurs did threaten for five or ten minutes, but after that we were on top. Danny Welbeck scored our opener with a wonderful header. Welbeck then provided the pass that let Anderson score our second before Rooney scored our third. Spurs weren’t terrible tonight, by any stretch of the imagination, but when we took it up a gear they didn’t have any kind of answer.

We played a relatively young team tonight and it appears Sir Alex is bringing in the youngsters again to refresh the team and start the new crop of players who will take over the mantle from the older ones. I am seriously impressed with Welbeck, Cleverley, Smalling and Jones. Welbeck appears to have displaced Berbatov and although you might say it’s only two games, he’s really shown what he’s made of and he looks to be made of good stuff! Cleverley doesn’t mind taking a shot at goal and seems comfortable in midfield. Smalling and Jones are doing excellently in defence so far. De Gea was… well, he didn’t concede and he didn’t screw up. He’s looking more comfortable, but after the first game and the Man City Community Shield game, it’ll be a while until I feel wholly comfortable with him in goal, frankly.

We have another win under our belt, we scored some lovely goals, did some good defending and good attacking and the youngsters are doing well. We kept a clean sheet (woohoo) and Ashley Young has slotted into the team nicely. It wasn’t a perfect performance, but we’re getting into a high gear and I’m happy with the way we played tonight. We take on Arsenal on Sunday and stupidly I am a bit optimistic since Arsenal are in free-fall. Who knows, though. Arsenal can easily turn it on again, it’s far too easy to just toss them to one side, but Arsenal are indeed dangerous. But I’m quietly confident. A good game tonight and I can’t wait for the Arsenal match on Sunday!

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