F1 moves to Sky Sports HD (sort of)

Sorry for a lack of non-book-review posts recently; there isn’t much to talk about at the moment although pre-season is well under way and next weekend (as in the weekend after this weekend that starts tomorrow) sees the Community Shield (woohoo) and then the season proper starts. The main sports news over the past day is that Sky Sports HD have won the right to show F1 next season (all races, practices, qualifying… all of it) onwards whereas BBC will only show half the races including Silverstone, Monaco, and the final GP of the season.

I must admit, this doesn’t necessarily bother me per se. I already have Sky Sports HD for the football so I wouldn’t have to pay any extra for the F1 plus I’d get it in HD (my BBC HD channel doesn’t work). So I’m not overly concerned about the move itself and Sky Sports’ football coverage is stunning and I suspect they could quite easily make the F1 coverage just as good. (Not that it’s not good at the moment!) I can see why some people are peeved – Sky Sports is expensive if you only watch Formula One and it’s a bit ridiculous to get half a season on BBC – 10 races out of 20, that’s nuts!

My only concern is who will present/commentate on the F1. I know, I know, how vapid of me. But like I said, cost isn’t an issue; I already have Sky Sports HD so wherever F1 is broadcast I can watch it so I’m good. I think the BBC have an awesome presenting/commentating team. Mainly the commentating team. I would be gutted to lose the Brundle/DC partnership and without sounding callous I hope Sky Sports HD throws all the money in the world at the two of them to get them to jump ship. Ditto Ted Kravitz, ‘cos he’s the ultimate pit-lane reporter. Because the Olympics are on the BBC in 2012 and Jake Humphrey played a prominent role in 2008, I’d suggest he’d be in line for a plum 2012 position so I doubt he’d leave the BBC for a Sky Sports role. It’d be a sad loss, but I’m sure Sky Sports could find someone else. I couldn’t care less about Eddie Jordan, though, he irritates me.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it, there’s uproar from fans that they’ll have to pay ridiculous amounts if they want to continue watching F1 so I reckon that this deal isn’t entirely secured JUST yet. I reckon there’s a lot more to come from it, frankly, but either way, I’ll be watching F1 in 2012 no matter where it is. I just hope Martin Brundle will be commentating on it for me…

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