Germany Grand Prix 2011

It was the German GP yesterday at the Nurburgring. I love the Nurburgring. Fernando Alonso won there in the rain in 2007 and that made the circuit for me. Then in 2009 Mark Webber won his first ever Grand Prix even though he had a drive-through penalty too. This year’s race was just as good. Fernando won last time out in Silverstone (woohoo!) and he started fourth this time around and finished second. It was a good race, it didn’t rain even though it was expected but it was still a decent race. It’s a shame Pirelli are making the tyres more durable, but that’s how it goes.

Lewis Hamilton won the race, despite the fact McLaren keep saying every single weekend that their car is “slow” and that “they won’t get close to pole position”. I hate that. Why lie about your car when it’s not as slow as you’re making it out to be? It drives me bonkers. Every single weekend, McLaren say the car is slow and then lo-and-behold they end up going fast in the race and/or qualifying. Jenson wasn’t so good, retiring due to hydraulics issues when he was making his way back through the field after a bad start (Jenson REALLY needs to sort out his qualifying out).

Mark Webber started first but quickly lost out to Hamilton at the start (er, I think he did), for some reason Webber just can’t get his car off pole position fast enough to lead into the first corner. Vettel was third and Fernando was fourth until Fernando overtook him. The top three of Hamilton, Webber and Alonso all battled throughout the race ultimately with Hamilton coming out on top, Alonso second and Webber third. Vettel struggled home in fourth. I’ve got no idea what happened with Vettel this race, but he found himself 45 seconds behind the leaders and struggling to overtake Felipe Massa, eventually achieving it during the pit-stops on the final lap(!).

It was a good race, though the DRS wasn’t exactly effective and the tyres lasted well enough which was also a shame (I love it when the tyres degrade fast and there are more pit-stops). I like exciting racing, what of it. The next race is on Sunday at the Hungaroring. The Hungaroring isn’t known for its exciting racing so with luck the FIA will put in a couple of DRS zones to spice it up a little bit. I’m hoping Fernando can continue his resurgence and, who knows, maybe one of these seasons Ferrari will actually have a fast car at the beginning of the season and not the middle part when it’s out of reach.


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