Diary Of An Unpublished But Hugely Talented and Slightly Overweight Ebook Author (to be). (An unromantic comedy.) by Eloise Mason

“Think Bridget Jones meets Shameless.” Nicky Schmidt, bestselling author of Naked in Knightsbridge. A sneak peek at would-be author Daisy Crappe’s private diaries. Follow Daisy’s journey as she creates her very own online novel, and dodges the trials and tribulations life throws at her along the way. Will she actually make money? Will her father lock her out of the family home for good? Will her boyfriend, Ben from Fiend, remain in prison forever? A hilarious novel about modern technology, romance and careers in a modern world.

I admit, the only reason I purchased Diary Of An Unpublished But Hugely Talented and Slightly Overweight Ebook Author (to be). (An unromantic comedy.) was because of the Nicky Schmidt quote. And because it was 99 cents and because I wanted a book that I knew would make me laugh. With a title like this book and a synopsis like this book, I was guaranteed to be laughing. And it did make me laugh. 

Diary Of An Unpublished But Hugely Talented and Slightly Overweight Ebook Author (to be). (An unromantic comedy.) is not an amazing work of fiction, it’s self-published and the garish yellow cover is perhaps a bit childish, but for me I liked it. It wasn’t anywhere close to perfect, but it made me laugh and it took me maybe an hour and a half over two days to read. It was short, it was sweet and it was just so funny. It’s a satirical look at what it takes to become an ebook author as the ridiculously dim Daisy D Crappe decides that to make her millions all she needs to do is write an ebook and upload it onto Bongle and voila she will be an instant success and her ebook will be a runaway bestseller. Well, that would be true. If Daisy could actually write. Obviously.

The book is very silly, as Daisy is unable to comprehend even basic English, but it is indeed the stupidity of Daisy that really makes the book so funny. It’s a tongue-in-cheek novel and for 99 cents, it’s definitely one of the better ebooks out there that are that price. It made me laugh, it was really quick to read and I couldn’t ask more. It’s so rare for the books I read to be genuinely funny so I found it such a relief that Eloise Mason (whomever she is!) to be refreshing relief from the usual Chick Lit out there. It’s stupid, it’s sarky (sarcastic) but more than that, it’s fun. It’s a book that takes the mickey out of itself and doesn’t care. 

If you want even more reasons to read it, then the novel Daisy writes: Boobs Go On The Run, is WELL worth the 99 cents. I swear it. It’s so OTT and so stupid and so ridiculous that perhaps… It might just be good. (OK, so I am joking, but you know what I mean!) Let’s just say Daisy’s writing ability is amusing. There should be more novels like this, more books that aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back with something that doesn’t tax the brain and this fit the bill nicely indeed.

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