My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

People who know me know I’m not an avid movie fan. I like movies as well as the next person, but I’d much prefer to watch an episode of Criminal Minds/The Glades/White Collar/The Mentalist/et al than sit through a long movie. I generally store up any movies for future watching, but there are some exceptions. Something Borrowed (which I have yet to see) and the Harry Potter movies are movies I really want to see ASAP, and I’m quite happy to sit and re-watch The Proposal (I love Ryan Reynolds). So when I started reading a new book My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend and saw it was a film first, I had to watch it before I finished the novel. Because it came first. So I happily purchased it and I liked it, it was cute.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend revolves around Jesse, a waitress who isn’t the luckiest in love. So when she meets Ethan, a writer, in her cafe, they hit it off and exchange numbers. Mere moments after Ethan leaves, in walks Troy and they too hit it off, and again they exchange numbers. Jesse starts dating both of them, not entirely sure how to choose which one because she seemingly loves them both. But when it comes to the crunch time, who does she choose? (Er, you’ll have to watch to find out. Sorry.)

The premise of the film is cute. It’s not the best film in the world, but the time flew by as I was watching it. It’s a short movie, only an hour and 20 minutes, but the time really does fly. I wondered how the plot would work itself out and I was satisfied with its conclusion. I was surprised, actually. I didn’t see the big twist coming, which is rare, I am usually really good about figuring out the plot of a film or a novel, but My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend surprised me. In a really, really good way. I found it enchanting. I wasn’t a huge fan of Alyssa Milano in the role of Jesse, her voice is very squeaky but I got used to her as the film wore on. I loved Chris Gorham. I loved him on Ugly Betty (oh Henry!) and I love seeing him in Covert Affairs and he was excellent in this film. Michael Landes is someone I’ve never heard of, but I liked him as Troy. It’s by no means an all-star cast and I suppose that is evident, but I was pleased enough.

I’m surprised this film isn’t more well known. It’s such a sweet film and although it’s cheesy as anything (what do you expect?) it’s charming enough to get away with being cheesy. It has humour and it has a lot of heart. I started the book before watching the film – in fact I’m almost 75% of the way through the book and it was charming to see the movie come to life from the book, despite the fact the movie came first. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and I’m pleased there’s been a book written because it’ll undoubtedly bring the movie to more people and that’s always a good thing.

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