Wimbledon has rolled around again this year, which means one thing only: The UK are going to get over-excited about the prospect that this could be THE YEAR that Andy Murray finally wins a major. Which means I get angry and switch over every time he’s on the telly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Murray’s a fine tennis player; he’s number 4/5 (I forget) in the world, he’s obviously good, but I just don’t like him. Every so often you come across a person you simply don’t like. For some it’s Cheryl Cole, for some it’s Lewis Hamilton, for some it’s Wayne Rooney. For me it’s Andy Murray. (There are others, don’t get me wrong, but since I’m talking tennis we’ll stick to tennis).

Part of the fact, I think, is the fact I’m allergic to how the UK media portray the British sportstars. Every World Cup is England’s year (and then they laughingly crash out, probably to Portugal), every Grand Slam is Andy Murray’s year (until he loses to Federer/Djokovic/Nadal), every time a new UK F1 driver comes into F1 they’re the bestest driver ever. There’s just TOO much focus on England/Murray etc. It drives me bananas because I’m fairly sure on the back page of The Sun/Daily Star/whatever for the next two weeks will be exclusively Andy Murray.

It grates the way the commentators fawn over him, it grates that ever interview with Federer/Djokovic/Nadal has to sneak in the question “So how do you think Murray will do?”/”Will Murray win the title?”. I don’t think Fed/Nad/Djo care what Andy Murray does or doesn’t do, quite frankly and it’s exhausting just how shoved into your face he is. I mean, there was almost anarchy today when it was announced Andy would be on Court One. People are saying the Wimbledon organisers should aide Andy as much as they can so he can win the title in the easiest possible way. That it’s ‘wrong’ Andy’s on Court One. Honestly, honestly, honestly, the only way Andy will win Wimbledon is if Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all come down with an incurable virus. They could send all three of them onto Court 18 for the rest of the tournament and allow Andy exclusivity on Center Court and it still wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.

I’m sure all countries are like that, all rooting for their sports stars, but I’m not having it shoved into my face all of the time, so it doesn’t make a difference for me. Everywhere I look it’s Murray mania and it’s the same every year. Just like it was with Tim before him. (For the record, the hill outside of Wimbledon will ALWAYS be Henman Hill. Murray Mound is ridiculous.) The levels the press go to is just extreme and for me it’s too darn much and as such, I turn the TV off or switch channels every time Murray plays because it’s over the top. Entirely over the top.

For the record, I reckon Fed may win this year. He looked electric in the Roland Garros final, but Nadal always wins there (well, except that one time he lost..).

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