My love of crime

A lot of people probably presume that I read one genre and one genre alone. I’m not going to name that genre – I run a website based on it so if you don’t already know what it is then that’s your fault. OK, it’s Chick Lit. Or Women’s Fiction, or romantic comedies or whatever name is the name everyone’s calling it. I call in Chick Lit and that includes authors from Sophie Kinsella to Jodi Picoult, from Melissa Hill to Diane Chamberlain. It is, primarily, what I read, but I do also read other types of novels. I love auto-biographies (particularly footballer ones), I love the Stephanie Plum novels (are they mysteries? Crime novels? I have no idea), I like a good teenage contemporary novel but a big love of mine is crime novels.

Unfortunately, I can count on two hands how many crime novels I’ve read (not including Ms Plum’s novels). Because of two things: Firstly, I don’t know entirely where to start so I generally stick to two or three authors, but the second (and most obvious reason) is that I have far too much Chick Lit to read to bother with anything else. However with my new Kindle, I’m hoping to download some crime novels and read them at bed time (probably not entirely wise, it has to be said. Serial killers + dark + everyone in bed? Not the best mix). But if I want a change of pace, I read a crime novel. I love the hunt for the killer, love the suspense as the cops (or whomever) get close to the killer.

The main crime novelist I read is Tess Gerritsen, she got me into the genre with The Surgeon. It remains one of my favourite novels ever, it’s fast paced, I was on the edge of my seat and I swallowed it whole in one night. I’ve avidly read the rest of the series (including the new one The Silent Girl) and I make a point to read the new Rizzoli/Isles thriller when it comes out because Gerritsen is an immense writer. I love her. Another I love is Harlan Coben, I’ve only read one of his novels (shocking, I know) but I enjoyed it and haven’t had time to read any more, despite having several sat on my shelf. I also read Jilliane Hoffman. I read her first novel ages ago, Retribution, then I picked up Pretty Little Things when I was in the UK last year and read it soon after and loved it. I’ve also tried Cody McFadyen, I read the first two novels of his and, again, I liked the pace. Er, perhaps I have read more than 10 crime novels, now that I think of it….

I’ve just started Heartsick by Chelsea Cain on my Kindle and it’s so intriguing so far. I can’t wait to delve more into the novel, I’ve never read a novel with a serial killer prominent as I assume Gretchen Lowell is going to be. I’m hoping to finish this weekend and then read the rest of the series if I can. I also have the first novel of Casey Hill to read called Taboo. Casey Hill is a husband and wife team, made up of Chick Lit writer Melissa Hill and her hubby Kevin (who for some reason I thought was called Paul). It’s called Taboo and it sounds brilliant and I’m hoping to read it this month. That’s part of the trouble with crime novels, most are part of a series so it’s hard to find out where the heck to start. I don’t want to start a new to me author and find I have to read 18 novels to get to her most recent (unless her name is Janet Evanovich and she’s going to make me laugh my pants off). So I’m trying to find newer crime authors, who have the same fast pacedness and suspense of a Gerritsen novel. Who knows if I’ll do it, but in 2011 I’m going to try and read more crime. Because I enjoy it. And if I can keep on top of other books I need to read I don’t see why I can’t accomplish it. My love of crime doesn’t stop at books though and I devour TV shows that feature crime. Like Criminal Minds. And The Closer. And Hawaii 5-0. And Bones. And Blue Bloods. Really, I’m a crime junkie.

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