DNFs* (Did Not Finish)

For the most part, I like to finish all of the novels I read. It’s incredibly rare that I won’t finish a novel, even if it’s the worst book I’ve ever read. In total I’ve read 528 books (as of today) and there are only 5 novels I physically couldn’t finish. But as I’m becoming busier with novels to read, I’m having to face that fact that if a novel hasn’t enticed me by the time I’m 50 pages in, there’s a good chance I’ll give up on it. I just truly do not have the time to continue with a novel that I just don’t feel. Here are the five novels I’ve failed to finish:

The first novel I gave up on was The Birthday by Julie Highmore. I absolutely loved Julie’s previous book and I was really looking forward to The Birthday. But I just couldn’t, for the life of me, get into it. The story didn’t appeal to me, and it just failed to capture me the way The Message had the previous year.

The next one was Fairytale Ending by Gigi Levangie. I’ve never read anything by Gigi before, and I thought the novel sounded like a brilliant read. But, again, I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like the wife, I hated the husband, and it was all just stupid.

My third DNF was Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell. It came hugely recommended by Bookalicious Ramblings (I love her) and I liked the premise, and it started well. But oh God, the editing errors. I am the worst reader ever. I pick up on all manner of editing errors and the amount of errors in the portion of Hollywood Car Wash I read made me want to weep and I just couldn’t get past it!

Up next is Laura’s Handmade Life by Amanda Addison. It’s out in June and I tried to read it earlier this month. It was just plain awful. It has, easily, the worst female character I have ever, ever had the displeasure of meeting in Laura. She acted like a teenager and she moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned about her new life in the country, consistently whinging that Ealing was better. I gave it 100 pages but then I just couldn’t take any more.

Finally (for now), the most recent book I failed to finish is Sue Moorcroft’s new book Love & Freedom. It’s out next week, and for the first 100 pages nothing actually happens aside from a lot of sight-seeing by Honor. I was expecting so much more, as I know the book is about Honor trying to find her mother but that hasn’t even started by the time I gave up at page 100. I then skipped ahead and when I learned who Honor’s mother was I laughed. I understand it’s fiction, but that went beyond the pail.

Those are the novels I failed to finish. Normally I can happily finish a novel good or bad, but with all 5 of those the thought of finishing them made me sad because I know it would take me weeks to complete them. At this point, I need to be reading a book a day and a week is just too long a time to spend on a book I won’t like.

You’ll never guess what I’m reading now, though. I’m reading First Ladies by Kay Burley and it’s not as horrific as I thought it would be. Sure, Julian is the smarmiest PM ever and the dialogue is a bit cringey at times, but it’s surprisingly readable. Who’d have thought it?

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