Please note that I WILL be reviewing Manchester United’s season next week, after the Blackpool game. Yesterday was a very nervy affair and it was brilliant to win the title again, but it’ll all be more real once we get that trophy back next Sunday!

Today, however, I would like to tell everyone about my new love for a game-show. My name is Leah and I am a Wipeout junkie. About a month ago, my sister was watching something on the aptly-titled Watch and she was laughing at it. Because I’m nosey I went to investigate and found her watching something called Wipeout. I sat down and within seconds I was laughing and had tears in my eyes. From then on, I was hooked!

What is Wipeout? I hear you ask. Wipeout is a game-show where you have to complete various obstacles to win money. Generally you get 24 people and they all have to complete the qualifier, and the 12 with the fastest time move onto the next round. They get whittled down again to the final 6 and then the final 6 compete for a place in the Wipeout zone with 4 going through to the final round. The Wipeout zone is a tough challenge and whoever completes it the quickest becomes Wipeout champion! Easy right. Wrong. It’s actually brutal. But it’s also the funniest show on television as you watch people continually wipe out, be it on the big balls or the fling set, or the sucker punch.

There are numerous different versions of the show that air in all kinds of countries but we watch three. Total Wipeout, the UK version, Wipeout Australia (the Australian version) and Wipeout (the US version). I’m not a huge fan of the UK version, Richard Hammond isn’t particularly funny and the obstacles aren’t that difficult. I like the Australian version but there’s only been 8 episodes and it doesn’t look like there will be a second season, which is a shame. But my absolute favourite is the US version. It’s tougher, it’s funnier, the obstacles are always changing and I LOVE John Henson/Anderson and I love Jill Wagner who reports from the sidelines. The US version is the most brutal and the hardest, and the continually changing course adds a ton of freshness to it. The commentating is spot-on from Henson/Anderson and the two John’s bounce off each other easily and always make me laugh. It’s probably scripted, the jokes, the nicknames, but it’s fun.

So, yes, that’s how I spend my weekend mornings, watching people Wipeout. What do you mean that’s mean of me? It’s funny!

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