Man Utd vs Chelsea & the Turkish Grand Prix!

Today has been quite a sporty day for me (then again, that’s not unusual on Saturdays and Sundays). First up today was the Turkish Grand Prix. It’s been three weeks (!) since the last race so I was really looking forward to the cars being back again. Fernando qualified well, in fifth, and Vettel was on pole after putting in a stunning lap. The race was thoroughly enjoyable. There was tons of passing (the DRS and KERS is really helping and I’m a fan of it), everyone did either three or four pit-stops and I was hooked from the start. I’m enjoying F1 this year so far.

Fernando came third, which was a brilliant achievement. That Ferrari is a dog. Despite the fact they had super pace in pre-season, by the time Australia rolled around they were the fourth quickest team, possibly even fifth. But the car seems to have had a good upgrade and Fernando was very much on the pace for the entire race. Here’s hoping that continues for the rest of the season. Vettel was brilliant, as always. Vettel has impressed me since his Toro Rosso days and as I see him more and more I’m liking him more. He’s calm (most of the time) and he has such a mature head for a 23-year-old. He’s always so fun when he’s interviewed and I just love watching him race. I enjoyed the race, and I can’t wait for Barcelona.

Then came the game I’ve been dreading. After seeing Stoke beat Arsenal 3-1, I was ready (although not entirely willing) for Manchester United vs Chelsea. Make no bones about it, I was seriously nervous. Chelsea had the tempo coming in to the game, we’d just lost to Arsenal, though our victory against Schalke was emphatic. When I saw our team, I was pleased, Hernandez started with Rooney, Carrick and Giggs played in midfield with Park and Valencia on the wings, Vidic and Ferdinand in the center of defence and Fabio on the right and O’Shea on the left.

We started the game brilliantly, at a high tempo and Chelsea had to withstand wave after wave of attack. We made the breakthrough within the first minute, with Hernandez one-on-one with Cech after a sublime pass from Giggs to Park and Park to Hernandez. We then scored a second, after Giggs took a corner, Vidic buried it in the net. We went into half-time 2-0 and continued to play well into the second half although we allowed Chelsea way more possession than I’d prefer. Chelsea got one back on 70 minutes making the rest of the game a bit tense (for me, anyway). We made it through though and despite Chelsea getting a goal back, we were well on top of them today!

We were amazing today, no doubt about it. All we need now is one point from the last two games to win the title. We play Blackburn away on Saturday and then Blackpool at home the week after. I think the Blackburn game will be tough, we always struggle at Ewood Park plus Blackburn are struggling to fight relegation. But hopefully we’ll have enough in us to win on Saturday. Personally, I want us to win on Saturday because I’d feel so bad having to beat Blackpool especially if they then get relegated. Despite what everyone keeps saying, we have had a good season this year. Everyone keeps saying this isn’t Fergie’s best team and I must admit, that irritates me. We’re six points clear, and although we’ve had our difficulties this season, we’ve always been ahead. I don’t take consistent notice of the table, but I’m fairly sure we’ve been top for at least 90% of the season and I wish all the critics would admit that even if we are a bit ‘work man’ like, we have done the business this season. Well, we nearly have anyway. If we play against Barcelona the way we played today we could do very well against them in three weeks. Here’s hoping this time next week I’ll be celebrating us winning a 19th Premier League title (and overtaking Liverpool in the process, which is always nice…)

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