Blogs I Read

So, I’m a book blogger and (according to this blog) a regular blogger of things ranging from TV to football to Formula One and anything else I fancy discussing, so today I bring you some blogs that I myself read on a regular basis. I have about 40 blogs on GoogleReader but not all of them are ones I read continuously and some aren’t updated all that often, but still I follow.

First up are the obvious blogs. I follow & for all my celebrity gossip. They both tend to post the same stuff, but still, I follow both. They’re both quick with the celebrity news, and if you aren’t following them and you love celebrity gossip then my only question is: why not?

There are quite a few writers who blog and personal favourites are Sarah Webb’s blog and Allison Winn Scotch’s. Both post sound advice for writers and Allison regularly answers questions related to being a writer, letting us know about all kinds of things from agents to submitting your novel to re-writing it. I’m not a writer, but I find the publishing process fascinating so I love reading Allison’s blog.

I follow quite a few book blogs, as you might expect, and my two favourites are The Reading Queen and Bookalicious Ramblings. I chat to both of them and our book tastes are very similar so I enjoy seeing what they’ve read and enjoyed, what they thought of books I’ve loved, knowing what to steer clear of.

Finally, the blogs I read for the enjoyment. Which includes Jackson Pearce’s blog (I adore her vlogs), Gemma Burgess’s (I love her), Lisa Lynch‘s (she’s hilarious) and BillyGean’s (who has taught me a lot about the illness she suffers from and I love reading how well she’s doing and her honesty about her illness is startling!)

So yes, go and follow all these wonderful blogs and don’t forget and Danielle’s kid’s blog Not that you would though, right?!

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