Arsenal 1 – 0 Manchester United

Our must-win game against Arsenal has just finished and we’ve just lost 1-0. After Chelsea beat Spurs last night (contentiously it must be said, but they won, so it counts) we needed to win today. Not just to keep a nice comfy 6-point gap but because we’ve got a busy week coming up and the last thing we needed was a poor performance. But as is the norm after an away Champions League game, we put in a poor performance and subsequently lost. I don’t know why it happens, why we can be electric against Schalke and then return to England and play sloppily but that’s how it’s been for the past few years.

We weren’t necessarily awful today, we just didn’t have any final product and Arsenal were just tons better. I don’t know why we played so poorly, whether Sir Alex picked the wrong team or we were just hungover from Tuesday but I just can’t explain it. I think perhaps Berbatov should have started, because Berbatov isn’t exactly out of form and he would have been raring to go after a spell out from the starting line up.

Arsenal deserved to win, they were miles better than us there’s no doubt about it. It means the Chelsea game next Sunday (which is thankfully on after the Turkish grand prix) is a must-win for us. A draw would do, too, actually, but I want a win. I want the 6-point gap back. We absolutely, absolutely can’t lose against Chelsea. Because Chelsea are on a march and if they win against us they’ll win the title. Of that I’m absolutely sure. We need to get back into tip-top shape to deal with Schalke on Wednesday and then focus on Chelsea. We need to get the tactics and everything spot-on because the winner of the game will win the title. If we draw, I think we would probably win it, too. But I want a win, and won’t be satisfied with a draw.

One thing’s for sure, I am a nervous Manchester United fan now. I don’t know why I’m surprised, whenever we win the title we always try to throw it away during April/May by dropping silly points and not scoring goals. Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal usually catch up to us usually for us to get over the line. For once I’d love to win the title easily. Somehow I think that’s more of a fantasy than an actuality.

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