My Favourite Chick Lit Books: Something Borrowed

Today, after somebody asked on Twitter what people’s favourite Chick Lit novel is, my answer without doubt or hesitation was Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. So I’ve decided to post about what it is I love about some of my favourite Chick Lit novels. The novel that tops my list is Something Borrowed. I’ve read it three times and I love it more each time. I’ve just bought myself a brand new copy of the film tie-in – look at it, it’s beautiful! It’s one of the most eventful book cover and movie poster’s ever. So I bought myself a copy, I have the book (obvs) but it’s second hand and I really want a finished un-marked copy.

Something Borrowed is about two friends, Darcy and Rachel who have been best friends since forever. Rachel met Dex at law school, but said they were just friends and so Darcy asked him out. Then Rachel’s 30th birthday comes, she gets a bit drunk and ends up kissing – and sleeping with – Dex. What follows is the fall-out from that, basically. How Rachel sees her relationship with Dex, how she sees her friendship with Darcy, and there are some big realisations.

Anybody that knows me knows I hate cheating in books. On the TV. In movies. In real life. I hate it. But for some unfathomable reason, I wanted Rachel and Dex to be together. I was rooting for Darcy to lose. Because Darcy is a total cow. She treats people horribly, as if she’s too good for them and although it’s no excuse, Darcy deserved it. But more than that, I suspect it’s how Emily Giffin wrote the novel that really touched me. The way she writes both Rachel and Darcy makes it easy to understand why Rachel would do that with Dex. There’s something about the book that gets me every time and although I haven’t read it in a few years, I still remember the story so well and I’m REALLY looking forward to getting my film tie-in copy so I can re-read it before the film comes out.

Which brings me to the film. I’ve been excited for films before. I almost burst with excitement when I heard Confessions of a Shopaholic was being made into a movie, but with the Something Borrowed movie it’s been more than that. I’ve gone beyond excited. The movie looks as if it could be the best book-turned-into-movie ever. Especially where Chick Lit books are concerned. The cast looks perfect, the poster looks amazing and the film trailers have blown me away. It looks spot on. It looks as though they’ve followed the book brilliantly and it is a film I am seriously so excited for.

Perhaps Something Borrowed isn’t the perfect Chick Lit book and I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste but for me I absolutely love it. The story, the characters, the plot, everything is just perfect for me. And the fact it’s a movie makes it even better and I just wish it was coming out here in the cinema in Tenerife. If you don’t believe how good the movie looks, look at the trailer (which I’ve seen about 10 times and still love) and go buy the book. You can get it for £4/5€/7$ from BookDepository!

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