Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich

From the author of One for the Money comes the second clever comic mystery featuring irrepressible bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Here, Stephanie finds herself on the trail of a killer who happens to have a distant relative who’s a vice cop with questionable ethics, a libido in permanent overdrive, and a habit of honing in on Stephanie’s investigations.

Two for the Dough is the second novel to feature Stephanie Plum, a wannabee bounty hunter. I adored the first book One for the Money and Two for the Dough was just as fantastic. Two for the Dough sees Stephanie searching for Kenny Mancuso, after his best friend is shot. It pretty much follows the same format as the first book. Stephanie is assigned to catch someone, she sees them a few times, she messes up a few times and there’s a big dramatic ending. That probably sounds rather dull, but believe me, it’s way more exciting than that.

I thoroughly enjoyed Two for the Dough, it was another quick and fun read. It made me laugh and the interactions between Morelli and Stephanie is hilarious. This quote, for example, sums up Stephanie and Morelli’s relationship:

“This is war,’ I yelled through the door.
Lucky for me,’ Morelli said. ‘I give good war.”

Grandma Mazur is more involved in this book and I loved how she embraced the bounty hunter lifestyle. Buying herself a gun, getting Doc Martins, and helping Stephanie at the morgue. Grandma Mazur could easily become my favourite character, she’s just plain hilarious! I also love that Stephanie does seem to be getting better at her bounty hunting, because frankly, she can’t go through sixteen books without getting better!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Three To Get Deadly. The books are so light and breezy, but they do have their dark moments, normally as Stephanie gets close to the man she’s hunting. If you’re a fan of funny novels, with a bit of suspense and a bit of romance then these books are for you.

*BTW, I know the reviews of these Janet books aren’t ‘proper’, but I can’t be bothered to write a proper long review, I just want to say what I like about the novels!

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