Manchester United 1 – 0 Everton

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven’t really talked football since our Chelsea win back on April 12th. Mainly because since then, our results have been disappointing. We lost the FA Cup semi-final to Manchester City 1-0. We were on top for most of the first half, but we just couldn’t score at all. And we paid the price. Then we went to Newcastle on Tuesday and drew 0-0. It was an absorbing game and Newcastle were brilliant, but I wanted us to win obviously. So today’s game with Everton turned into a must-win.

I must admit, we were brilliant today. During the first half we were well on top. Our movement was stunning, we were attacking in waves and Everton weren’t threatening at all. But the one crucial thing is, we didn’t score. We had loads of good chances, but the ball just wouldn’t go in the back of the net. As the second half started, I was worried we were having one of them days. Where we press and press but just don’t score. We were playing pretty football, but we didn’t have the final product. Everton were more of a force to be reckoned with in the second half but we were still dominating and we still had tons of chances. So you can imagine my relief when Hernandez popped up with the winner after 82 minutes. It was a massive relief and was exactly what we deserved.

We temporarily went 9 points clear, but Chelsea beat West Ham (Torres scored! Finally!) and there’s now 6 points between us and Chelsea. Arsenal are 9 points back, until they play at Bolton tomorrow. It’s closer than I’d like it to be, it has got to be said. There’s 4 games left. We’ve got to play Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn and Blackpool. The max amount of points Arsenal and Chelsea can get is 79 which also means they have to win all their remaining games. So we have to get 80 points to be crowned champions without it going to the wire. We’ve got 73, so we need 7 more points. If we all have the same points it goes to goal difference but the way Chelsea are scoring at the minute, and the rate we’re not, that’s worrying. So realistically we need two more wins and a draw. It’s do-able and we’re in pole position there’s no doubt about that, but I will not feel comfortable until we’re hoisting that trophy into the air.

Our next match is the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Schalke. It’s remiss of me I’m sure, but I’m probably not as worried as I would be if we were facing Inter. The first leg is in Schalke, which means the second leg’s at home which always makes me a bit more comfortable. Much more than being at Old Trafford for the first leg and then having to go to Germany. I think we could get to the final, but we are going to have to find our scoring boots to do so. I’m quietly hopeful. Then again, I was quietly hopeful we were going to stuff City and look how that one ended. I’m more worried about the final, if we were to make it. It’s at Wembley and we’re notoriously crap at Wembley (Carling Cup finals aside). Wembley just doesn’t suit us. I’d much prefer is the final was somewhere else. Less Wembley-like. We do have to get there first, mind, and then if we do we either face Real Madrid or Barcelona. Talk about difficult.

I’m rushing much too far ahead. First up, Schalke on Tuesday and then Arsenal on Sunday.

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