My Kindle and my Book Ratings!

Kindle with the case open, looking lovely!

So I’ve been writing this blog post for, oh, about a week now. But things keep getting in the way! Like football (the less said about that the better!!!!!) and the Formula One (brilliant, except for Fernando was rubbish. Again). Plus you know, if there was an award for Procrastinator of the Year I would win hands down. But finally, I introduce to you: my Kindle! For ages I’ve wanted a Kindle, but have always resisted because I thought it would be too expensive to ship from the US. Plus, generally, books seem more expensive from there too. But I finally capitulated, the idea of having so many books on one device and only having to carry that device around was too much for me.

My Kindle, in it’s red case, on top of my laptop next to my red desk chair!

It had a bit of drama getting here, mind you. We ordered it on the Saturday, it shipped on the Monday, went from Delaware to Philadelphia, to Kentucky. It flew out of Kentucky to Madrid. It got stuck in Madrid and I have to tell a Spanish lady my NIE number. Then it went to Germany, before going back to Madrid and finally it arrived in Santa Cruz. I got it that Friday, and I haven’t looked back.

I’m not joking, having a Kindle is the best thing ever. I already have loads of books, and I like nothing more than going to bed and pulling up the light on my cover and sitting and reading for an hour or so. It’s absolutely brilliant. The text is crisp and clear, the light shines brilliantly and there’s nothing better than the Kindle! Not to mention I don’t have to worry about yellowing the pages. I still love books (and I can’t get them out of my life ‘cos publishers can’t send e-copies) but having the Kindle is brilliant. I couldn’t get over how light it was by itself and I’m so glad I bought a case, as it adds some much-needed weight to the thing. I’d hate to tote around the Kindle sans cover because I’d worry about breaking it! So, yeah, buying my Kindle was the best idea ever. I love it. I’ve read two books on it so far (When In Rome and Fifteen Minutes of Shame) and I’m currently reading One for the Money. So I can read my regular book during the day (if I want/need to) and then read my Kindle at night. I’m surprised at how I’ve changed my tune, because it’s true. E-books are the way forward.

Another thing I’ve been thinking of lately is my ratings of books. I work on an out of 5 scale. I think that when I first started book reviewing I was gung-ho when it came to what I rated a book and there were a lot of 5 stars that could have been 4 stars. Now I write my review before I rate the book because if there’s anything that can tell me what I really thought of a novel, it’s while writing the review. I get to pick up on good bits, bad bits, things I would have changed.

I read 111 books in 2009, 107 of which were Chick Lit and here’s how I rated them:

– 58 Books – Five Stars
– 22 Books – Four Stars
– 27 Books – One, Two & Three Stars

I read 163 books in 2010, 114 of which were Chick Lit and here’s how I rated them:
– 33 Books – Five Stars
– 50 Books – Four Stars
– 31 Books – One, Two & Three Stars

I’ve read 67 books so far in 2011, 51 of which were Chick Lit books and here’s how I’ve rated those.
– 16 Books – Five Stars
– 20 Books – Four Stars
– 15 Books – One, Two & Three Stars

It’s fair to say that in 2009 I was nuts with my 5 stars. Did every book deserve it? Probably not, and I’m able to admit that, and it seems that I’ve definitely become more rigorous in my ratings. I think it thorough. I don’t act rationally and just go “5 stars!” and I think it’s also made me a better reviewer. Well, I hope so anyway! It’ll be intriguing to see how the stats for 2011 even out as the year progresses!

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