A Tour of my bookshelves!

So the lovely Queen N did a tour of her bookshelves a few days ago and I said I’d love to do that, so here is a tour of my bookshelves!

This is my TBR shelf, in size order and in author order (except for the sticking out row on the 4th shelf down). Most of the shelves are stacked behind, too.
This is the top of my read shelf. Check out my matching Jane Costello and Sara Shepard books. I love matching books! Plus my beloved Gemma Burgess novels!
More of my read books. Plus my Paige Toon books, yay, aren’t they so pretty? The middle shelf of this pic are my unread books (all my hardbacks and large paperbacks reside on my “read” shelf) and the bottom shelf is my read large paperbacks!
My hardbacks! Read and unread, obviously and there are two rows. See my FRIENDS hardback right at the back? I must admit, despite hating hardbacks when reading them, they are so good looking on my shelf.
I LOVE bookmarks and here’s my collection of bookmarks! Seriously, I love collecting bookmarks. I was gutted my recent Bookdepository purchases were bookmarkless.
And here’s the novel I’m reading at the moment, Victoria Connelly’s second Jane Austen themed novel The Perfect Hero!

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