Celebrities Who Write Novels

So, I was going to write about my Chick Lit slump but I read Fern Britton’s new book over the past two days and I’m out of that little slump. I hate book slumps, there’s absolutely nothing worse and it’s happening more and more frequently particularly with Chick Lit. But I think I’m over it. Instead I’m going to talk about celebrities who write novels.

Despite how I personally feel about celebrity novels, I do read quite a few of them. Celebrity novels I’ve read include The Mistress by Martine McCutcheon (awful, totally awful), Inheritance by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (a good read), Envy by Coleen Nolan (really enjoyed it), New Beginnings by Fern Britton (liked it), Lauren Conrad’s YA trilogy (really enjoyable) and I am willing to try new celebrity authors but on the whole, I don’t really agree with the whole celebrities writing novels.

The reason I don’t like celebrities writing novels is not because it takes away a publishing deal for a proper author, for an author who’s been trying for years to be published, no, but because for the most part these celebrities just put their name to the novel. They don’t write it, instead letting a ghost writer do it for no credit. That really irritates me. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s not true for all celebrity ghostwriters: Fern, Coleen and Martina seemed to have written theirs by themselves but most of the others use ghost writers: Tara, Katie Price, Sharon Osbourne and it really defeats the point of it really. They gleefully add ‘Author’ to their repertoire but don’t even bother to write them.

What makes it worse is that every single celebrity that’s attempted to write a novel has written in one genre: Chick Lit. I don’t see Fern Britton tackling a crime novel or Katie Price writing a sci-fi novel, nope, they write Chick Lit! Obviously so they can appeal to their main demographic of women but I’d respect them a lot more if they didn’t bow to the predictable. Chick Lit has a hard enough task to be taken seriously without adding Katie Price into the mix! I know it would defeat the point (the reason they sell so many books is because of the name on the book) but I would love it celebrities wrote their novels under pseudonyms. That would be the real test of their abilities as author, if people judged their books on the stories and not the name on the front cover!

One thought on “Celebrities Who Write Novels

  1. I love this post, Leah. Great delivery and I totes agree with everything you say. Would love if Celeb authors had the balls to write under a psuedonym!

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