Barcelona vs Arsenal, Round Two: Ding Ding!

Tonight saw the second leg between Barcelona and Arsenal. If you remember, Arsenal were 2-1 up heading into it after they produced a stunning comeback in the second half of the first leg. However, it was not to be as Arsenal lost 3-1 tonight, 4-3 on aggregate. The game wasn’t the cracker of a game I expected it to be, mainly because Barcelona totally and utterly dominated Arsenal.

Matters weren’t helped for Arsenal when Van Persie got sent off for a second yellow card with 35 minutes to go. It was a very harsh red card, and perhaps it did change the game, but with the greatest of respect, Barcelona were out of this world tonight. I’m almost 100% sure Arsene Wenger will blast the referee, and claim that’s why Arsenal lost, but that simply isn’t true. Because Arsenal didn’t have one shot on goal, not even one off-target shot on goal, compared to Barcelona’s 19. That’s what Arsene should address, but undoubtedly it will come down to the referee.

I mean it says it all when Arsenal only drew level at 1-1 after Barcelona went ahead before half-time because of a Barcelona own goal. Don’t get me wrong, it was a stunning goal, but Arsenal didn’t deserve the equaliser, they just weren’t good enough. Barcelona ran them ragged, ran them in circles, and Barcelona fully deserved to win. Their passing was immense, as always, and they were just the better side. That’s all there was to it, Barcelona played Arsenal off the park. Arsenal could have played for 120 minutes and they still wouldn’t have gotten anywhere close.

Tomorrow it’s Spurs’ turn to take on AC Milan at White Hart Lane with their 1-0 advantage, that one should be another good match.

I am still a Manchester United fan, by the way, love them to death, I just don’t like them at the moment. We lost to Liverpool 3-1 and it was just embarrassing. Liverpool dominated us the way Barcelona dominated tonight and I’m very, very worried about the Premier League now. If Arsenal win their game in hand we’re level on points. It makes me want to go into hibernation until the end of May. We face Arsenal in the FA Cup on Saturday and I must admit, I won’t be too sad if we go out. We need to concentrate on getting out title challenge back on track. Fact is, we really can’t lose again, in fact we need to win every single Premier League game left.

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