Author Crushes

One of the things about being a book lover is the crushes you develop on certain authors. Not in the romantic sense of the word (that would be SO weird). But in that you devour everything they’ve written and clamour for more. I like to think of it as becoming an unofficial cheerleader.

Off the top of my head I have five author crushes: Paige Toon, Gemma Burgess, Miranda Dickinson, Ruth Saberton and Sophie Kinsella. That means that whenever I get a new book from any of them, I read it immediately. It doesn’t even GO onto my TBR shelf. It also means I’ve read all of their current published works.

We will start with Paige Toon because she was my first. I picked up Lucy in the Sky at the bookswop after reading an amazing review in Heat, I absolutely devoured the book and immediately asked someone to bring me Johnny Be Good over to read. Again, I devoured it and as soon as I heard about Chasing Daisy I was obsessed! Then came Pictures of Lily which, it has to be said, wasn’t as good but was still as addictive and now I sit here and eagerly await Be My Baby, the Johnny Be Good sequel. I’m expecting a lot from Be My Baby, there’s no doubt about it and I just can’t wait!!!

Then came Miranda Dickinson with Fairytale of New York in 2009. I swallowed up the manuscript in double quick time and was absolutely gutted I had to wait a year for her second novel. Welcome To My World finally came out in November last year and all too quickly I’d read it. I’m now waiting for book three It Started With A Kiss and I’m eagerly following her vlog each week (and asking some awesome questions).

2010 gave me two fantastic new authors to crush on: Gemma Burgess and Ruth Saberton. Two totally different authors it has to be said, but who are funny and fast-paced and whose books make my day shine that bit brighter. Gemma is made of total win. Her heroines are worlds away from your usual Chick Lit heroines, they kick bum and they do it in style! Her writing is sharp and she literally makes me laugh out loud. You have no idea how gutted I was when I finished her latest book A Girl Like You and I’m cheer-leading every step of the way for her new US series Union Street. Ruth on the other hand provided me with my favourite ever scene in Katy Carter Wants A Hero, featuring a lobster! I’ve recently read her new book Ellie Andrews Has Second Thoughts and I loved it just as much as Katy Carter!

As for Sophie Kinsella… that’s a given. The woman is a comic marvel, there is no reason necessary for me to anticipate her books and I’m really really hoping 2012 brings us a new Kinsella as she’s on maternity leave at the moment (I must admit, I find that peculiar, but hey ho!).

So, yup, those are my five author crushes. And I’m hoping for many more brilliant books from each and every one of them!


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