Manchester United vs Chelsea… same ol’, same ol’!

As I start writing this Manchester United are playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and we’re about to lose 2-1. Again. To a controversial penalty decision. Again. Oh, and as is par for the course, Nemanja Vidic has been sent off. AGAIN. Whenever we play Chelsea the story is always the same. We start well, score a goal, let in a sloppy equaliser and then give away a penalty that was never a penalty and lose. Unbelievable. Fernando Torres always gets Vidic sent off. Granted, it wasn’t his fault tonight but he was on the pitch so it was his fault.

So we started the game as “red hot favourites” for the title but now Arsenal are only 4 points behind us and they have a game in hand. Plus we still have to play Chelsea at home, Liverpool away (on Sunday) and Arsenal (I think). We do this every season. We do well, we get ahead and then we start to slip up. It usually happens at Chelsea (a la 2008) and then we level out come May and all is well. But, for once, I wish we just did it the normal way: by being 100 points ahead throughout the entire season. It’s not entirely feasible but you know, I’d be happier that way!

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t play too well for the whole game. We started poor and Chelsea should have been 1-0 up within the first few minutes but we got a lucky break. Then Chelsea dominated for 10-15 minutes before we finally took control and we finally got into the game. We scored and went into half-time well up. Then the second half started and Chelsea dominated again. We were sloppy, Chelsea pressed us well and they equalised. It was a sloppy goal to equalise but an equaliser is an equaliser. Chelsea’s winner was soft, so so soft, it was never a penalty in a million years. But Lampard slammed it in. Then Vidic got himself sent off and that was that, over for us. For tonight at least. Chelsea should have been reduced to 10, David Luiz should have been sent off for a second yellow when he fouled Rooney but he didn’t. The refereeing was fairly crap tonight it has to be said. Stamford Bridge is just a bogey ground for us.

And so it starts. It’s March, we have 10 games to go and we just have to win every game, basically. We’re also still in the Champions League (the second leg against Marseille is in two weeks) and we face Arsenal or Leyton Orient in the FA Cup. It’s going to go right down to the wire. Arsenal have better fixtures than us, so I think it’ll come to the Arsenal game we have to play in April or early May. I just don’t want us to throw it away, we’ve done so well this season without being ‘brilliant’ and I think we deserve it. We’ve only lost twice, but we’ve drawn too many particularly away from home. We’re going to have to rally now and blitz all our remaining fixtures. If only I could go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over, it would save me a lot of nervousness! Being a football fan is hard!

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