The Sexism Row

Last week Andy Gray was sacked by Sky Sports after it emerged he and Richard Keys had made sexist comments about lineswoman Sian Massey who referee’d during the Liverpool-Wolves game at the weekend. Then further information came to light, which was why he was sacked. Richard Keys then went on the radio, apparently made a fool of himself and resigned. It has to be said that I was sad to see them both go. Despite their faults (and their inability to keep their gobs shut when they’re mike-d up) they’re both brilliant at their jobs. Richard is an immense presenter of the football and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better commentator than Andy Gray.

Don’t get me wrong, what they said was undoubtedly wrong, but to be sacked for it? I’m not convinced. Richard apologised to Sian and I assume Andy did the same, or wanted to, and surely if Sian accepted their apologies and Sky had sufficiently disciplined them, then that should have been that? It makes it even worse that the second video to come to light – the one that made sure Andy was sacked – wasn’t even filmed that recently, so surely if Charlotte Jackson was that offended by what Andy said then she should have reported it immediately? That’s what baffles me. Maybe they are horribly sexist, I don’t know, but surely if both Richard and Andy were that bad, they would have been sacked much much sooner.

I don’t pretend to know what goes on behind the scenes, and Andy Gray could be the horriblest person to walk the planet, but he’s a very good commentator and I doubt he’ll be out of the game too long. He’s too good to be wasted because of things he may have said. Ditto Richard Keys. It’s a sad and sorry affair that’s occured this past week, and while what Andy and Richard said was wrong, I do think it’s been blown out of proportion just a little. People are sexist all of the time and Richard and Andy’s mistake was surely that they got recorded saying it.

I do wonder who Sky will give their jobs to though. Jeff Stelling would be brilliant as the presenter I have no doubt, but who could fill the Andy Gray role? Jamie Redknapp would work as a pundit, but not as a commentator. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out and where Andy and Richard end up.

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